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News Release 2013

Toyota Boshoku Establishes Vehicle Interior Components Production Base in Shenyang, China

(Kariya, Japan) March 29, 2013 Toyota Boshoku Corporation will establish a new vehicle interior components production company, SHENYANG TOYOTA BOSHOKU AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CO., LTD. in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China.

Toyota Boshoku is actively working to pursue new business with automakers worldwide in addition to the Toyota Motor Corporation, its main customer.  In China, which has become the largest automobile market in the world, it also seeks to expand its dealings with a greater number of automakers.

In its current business with European and American carmakers in its China operations, Toyota Boshoku supplies doortrim from its production entities in the Shanghai district, and will also start producing seat components in the Tianjin district from mid-2013.  The new Shenyang production base, scheduled to be established this year, will start producing vehicle interior components such as doortrim and headliners in 2016, providing further business expansion.

Toyota Boshoku is strengthening its global technological development capacity.  It is also optimizing its production and distribution through steps such as setting up production bases close to automakers, and is ready to respond to the needs of automakers all over the world.  Toyota Boshoku will continue to offers customers worldwide appealing, comfortable and safe automobile interior space.

Overview of new company

1. Company name


2. Location                                          Shenyang city, Liaoning Province, People’s Republic of China
3. Establishment July 2013
4. Capital                                          140 million Yuan *1 (Approx. 2 billion JPY)
5. Ownership                                          Toyota Boshoku (China) Co., Ltd.*2 100%
6. Products                                          Automobile interior components including headliners and doortrim
7. Production (scheduled)              Mid 2016
8. Investment 330 million Yuan (Approx. 4.8 billion JPY)
9. Number of Employees              Approx. 70 as of starting production

*1: Exchange rate 14.53JPY/ Yuan

*2: Regional management company (hub) for the China region in the Toyota Boshoku group