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News Release 2023


Erlanger, KY, USA (July 6, 2023) – Toyota Boshoku America, Inc. (TBA), a leading global automotive supplier, announces its collaboration with decarbonization software provider Manufacture 2030, to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions, energy, water use and waste across its value chain.  TBA is the first Tier 1 automotive supplier to join the M2030 platform as a supply chain owner showing its commitment to align with its customers and industry in the goal to decarbonize the automotive supply chain.

This new partnership will empower TBA’s suppliers to share and use environmental data to drive developments using M2030’s extensive range of industry best practice actions and expert advice. Through this collaboration, TBA aims to enhance sustainability efforts, reduce carbon footprint, and optimize processes for increased resource and cost efficiency.

Launched in the fall of 2022 and rolled out in spring 2023, the new partnership between Manufacture 2030 and Toyota Boshoku America begins with an initial group of high-impact suppliers. These industry leaders will pioneer sustainable practices, setting an example for others to follow. As the program progresses, TBA plans to expand its engagement with suppliers in phases throughout 2023 and beyond. This expansion will allow TBA to advance its ambitious climate and environmental targets in line with industry leaders.

By leveraging the Manufacture 2030 platform, Toyota Boshoku America aims to promote collaboration, transparency, and accountability across its supply chain. Through the submission of environmental data, suppliers can contribute to a collective effort in achieving sustainable goals. Additionally, the platform provides a wealth of resources and support, empowering suppliers to adopt environmentally responsible practices and optimize their operations.

As part of Manufacture 2030’s industry leading decarbonization program, TBA is working alongside six of North America’s largest automotive manufacturers who are in turn supporting more than 12,000 manufacturing sites around the globe to reduce their environmental impact and improve operational efficiencies.

Ryan Hunt, Vice President at Toyota Boshoku America said: “We are excited to partner with Manufacture 2030 as part of our Carbon Neutral journey. As a company, protecting the environment is one of our core values and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint throughout our entire value chain. Partnering with Manufacture 2030 will allow us to support our suppliers in their decarbonization activities in a collaborative way that can move us all closer to our goals.”

Martin Chilcott, CEO at Manufacture 2030 added, “We are delighted to join forces with Toyota Boshoku America as part of their decarbonization strategy.  This presents a huge opportunity for the automotive sector to come together to support thousands of their suppliers around the world to tackle climate change through their value chain and reduce costs through environmental efficiency. We’re excited to see a strong Tier 1 leader like TBA jump into this journey with both feet and lead the way.”


About Toyota Boshoku America
Toyota Boshoku, one of the world’s premium interior systems suppliers and filter manufacturers, develops and produces interior, filtration, and powertrain components.  With world headquarters in Kariya City, Japan, Toyota Boshoku Corporation owns Toyota Boshoku America, Inc. (TBA) based in Erlanger, Kentucky.  TBA and its affiliates employ over 13,000 Team Members in 22 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.  TBA Group is a premier manufacturer of automotive interior systems, which include seat, door trim, headliner, substrate, and carpet in addition to air and oil filters for a variety of customers such as Toyota, BMW, and Subaru. For more information visit

 About Manufacture 2030
Manufacture 2030 provides global brands, corporations and their small and medium-sized suppliers with the data, tools and support they need to be certain they can hit their GHG emissions reduction targets. Its unique AI-powered software platform and support services help measure, manage, and reduce emissions across global supply chains. For more information, visit