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News Release 2005

39th Tokyo Motor Show Presenting "Next Generation Vehicle Interior Space for Health and Comfort"

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (headquarters: Kariya, Aichi Prefecture; President: Masanao Motonami) will present “Next Generation Vehicle Interior Space for Health and Comfort” and other exhibits at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show, to be held at the Japan Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) in Chiba from October 21st (Friday) to November 6th (Sunday). Our concept for this year’s motor show is “Comfortable+α for all the people. Our mission to build comfort… and so much more”. At the show we will present a total next-generation vehicle interior space based on this concept.


1. Comfortable Fit Cabin (reference exhibit: photograph)

A comfortable cabin depends not only on the comfort of the seat but also control of light and air quality that is not visible to the eye. Together with video images, visitors can experience a next generation vehicle interior that goes beyond comfort to focus on health as well.

[1] Seats : Seats are equipped with vibration and ventilation devices for improved comfort.
[2] Lighting : 1) Fluctuating light coming down from the ceiling provides a pleasant vehicle interior and creates a healing space.
  2) The color of indirect light from the ceiling changes in conjunction with temperature changes in the passenger compartment. Comfort is increased by sensing temperatures visually.
  3) Lighting under the seats shift toward the feet of people getting into the vehicle, to give them the feeling of being pampered.
[3] Air quality : Filter technology in the vehicle interior provides clean air with no pollen or allergens, and creates a healing forest-like space by emitting scents that make people feel as if they were walking in the woods.

2. Personal Relaxation Seat (reference exhibit: photograph)

Aiming for the highest levels of comfort, we present the seats for luxury cars of the near future. These are relaxing seats that strive for a “healing effect” so that each of the different people who sit in a seat can enjoy their own personal space.

[1] Seats : Occupants can adopt a relaxing posture with an ottoman, while a vibrator equipped within the ottoman dissolves the fatigue in your legs.
[2] Electric Head Cover : External noise is reduced to create a private and comfortable space.
Electric Head Cover Internal Functions
[1] Lighting : Bands of mild light with automatically changing colors and illumination (light lines) provide comfortable stimulation.
[2] Air quality : Fluctuating air ventilation for natural comfort. Relaxing aromas ease mental and physical fatigue, and refresh tired minds with oxygen.
[3] Sound : Indirect sound reflected from the back speakers within the cover creates a personal sound space.

3. Concept Seat (reference exhibit)

Next generation seats combining Toyota Boshoku’s concepts on comfort and a good sense of design.
[1] Ultra-slim minimalist seat
[2] Ultra-slim seat with different rigidity pads

4. Environmental Technology Corner

[1] Door trim base material made from kenaf and polylactic acid
[2] Car seat fabric made from polylactic acid
[3] Acoustic material made from shredder dust (RSPP)

5. Safety Technology Corner

[1] Curtain-shield airbags

6. Filtration & Power Train Components Corner

[1] Air filters, lubricant systems filters, and cabin air filters

7. Seat Fabric Corner

[1] All types of seat fabric

Exhibit Location

West Hall “Body, Interior Parts, Accessories” Corner (Booth No.: W503)

Comfortable Fit Cabin (Image)

Personal Relaxation Seat (Image)