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News Release 2009

Toyota Boshoku Exhibits "My Special Cabin to Enjoy My Cherished Pleasures" Proposals at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya, Aichi Pref., President: Shuhei Toyoda) will present exhibits at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from October 24th 2009 (Saturday) to November 4th 2009 (Wednesday).

Under the concept of “The Pursuit of Comfort,” our theme for this year’s show is “My Special Cabin to Enjoy My Cherished Pleasures.” We will present world-class examples of vehicle interior space with a focus on ecology that surprise, excite and express individual styles based on mood and scenario.

We will also exhibit products that utilize cutting edge environmental technology, such as an innovative lightweight new generation seat frame structure as well as vehicle parts made from plant-derived materials.

1. Main Exhibits

  1) Vehicle Interior Space Model “T-Buffet Concept” (reference exhibit)
  Our aim is to increase the enjoyment of owning, using and driving a vehicle. We want to help people make the most of their vehicle giving them a sense of excitement and dynamism. We also want to create opportunities for people to enjoy the world around them. With this in mind, the “T-Buffet Concept” vehicle interior space proposal features adjustable functionality as well as a stylish fashion sense. This concept expresses the joy of driving and using a vehicle based on three scenarios in a compact vehicle body. Through various scenes, from business activities to spending time with family or friends, the concept presents new lifestyles and seat arrangements that allow simple and total coordination of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
  2) Vehicle Interior Space Model “Freedom Compact” (reference exhibit)
  Under the slogan “Large possibilities in a compact body,” we have developed interior materials as the starting point for a vehicle that supports a rich and varied lifestyle while reducing substances of environmental concern. The “Freedom Compact” concept presents an environmentally friendly and luxurious mobile lifestyle with diverse interior arrangements, including a front seat stowed inside the instrument panel, a rear seat with a wide range of movement and a large self-standing table that can be stored in the door trim.

2. Other Exhibits

  1) Replaceable Fabrics and Seat Covers (reference exhibit)
  This exhibit introduces a fully exchangeable seat cover based on the “La Seat” [la si:t] idea, which allows users to replace the covers of seating faces and head restraints. It was adopted in a special edition of the Vitz compact car. In addition, through the use of fabrics with various functions, we will exhibit three patterns aimed at families, women, and men. This concept allows users to freely coordinate the interior of their vehicle to their own taste and select their desired functions.
  2) We will also show various activities related to mass reduction, bio- and safety technologies.

3. Exhibition Location

  Center Hall “Exterior and Interior Parts/Accessories” Corner (Booth No.: C107)

4. Press Briefing

  Date: October 22nd 2009 (Thursday) 12:50 – 13:05 (12:50 pm – 01:05pm)
  Location: Toyota Boshoku booth (Center Hall C107)
  Presenter: President, Shuhei Toyoda

Vehicle Interior Space Model “T-Buffet Concept”
*Image on left: Standard-Mode, Image on right: Eco-Mode

Vehicle Interior Space Model “Freedom Compact”
*Left image: 3 seats mode; Right: self-standing table mode

Replaceable Seat Covers
* Left image: aimed for families; Center: aimed for men; Right: aimed for women