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News Release 2010

Announcing the merger of two manufacturing companies located in Indiana, USA

(Kariya, Japan) July 1, 2010 – On July 1, 2010 two affiliates of Toyota Boshoku Corporation that manufacture interior parts for automobiles in the state of Indiana in the United States, Toyota Boshoku Indiana, LLC. (hereinafter “TBIN”) and Total Interior Systems-America, LLC. (hereinafter “TISA”), were merged.

In response to the severe changes in the economic environment since the autumn of 2008, Toyota Boshoku Corporation has promoted a restructuring of its business in North America in order to construct an optimal production and distribution system, and has also carried out efficient management that unified local manufacturing bases. Now, through the merger of TISA, which manufactures automobile seats and door trim for delivery to Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc.*, and TBIN, which manufactures automobile seat functional components for delivery to TISA, the administration and back-office divisions will be integrated and the management organization and duties will be restructured and simplified. This will allow for the business to be made even more efficient and for the management foundation of the entire Toyota Boshoku Group in the United States to be strengthened. In addition, the merged company will be called TBIN.

The Toyota Boshoku Group will continue to aim to become one of the world’s top automobile interior system suppliers by providing the high-quality, low-price products that our customers demand in a timely manner via our global production structure.

<Outline of Newly Merged Company>

2.Location :Princeton, Indiana, United States
3.President :Hiromi Harada
4.Established :October, 2007
5. Products :Automotive Seats, Door Trims
6. Employees :Approx. 910
7. Capital :62.75 million US$
9. Site area :56 Acres (230,000 m2)
10. Building area :45,000m2

*The automobile manufacturing base of Toyota Motor Corporation in North America