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News Release 2011

Toyota Boshoku Concludes Agreement for Location of New Test Course

(Kariya, Japan) August 22, 2011 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi Pref., President: Shuhei Toyoda) has decided to newly establish the “Tajimi Technical Center”, which shall be equipped with a test course, on land that straddles Tajimi City and Toki City in Gifu prefecture and today concluded an agreement with Tajimi City and Toki City for this site location.

The agreement for this site location was concluded at a ceremony in the Gifu prefectural office attended by the mayor of Tajimi City, Mr. Masanori Furukawa, the mayor of Toki City, Mr. Yasunari Kato, the president of Toyota Boshoku Corporation, Mr. Shuhei Toyoda, and was carried out in the presence of the vice-governor of Gifu Prefecture, Mr. Shigeo Kamite. The signers of the agreement pledged to cooperate and support one another and exchanged firm handshakes.

In addition to attending the ceremony marking the conclusion of the agreement for the site location, Mr. Toyoda also presented the following greeting. “I believe that a ‘great seat’ is a seat that allows the driver to feel at one with the vehicle. We at Toyota Boshoku possess a strong desire to create and build a ‘great seat’ that will be the best in the world and have undertaken our daily technology development work with this firmly in mind. In order to turn this desire into a reality, it is absolutely essential that Toyota Boshoku possess its own unique test course. I would like for us to make maximum use of this test course so that we may create the seats, filtration and power train components that customers will find the most appealing and desirable. We will also aim to become the top manufacturer in the world in this field.”

Outline of New Test Course
1.Facility name? Toyota Boshoku Corporation Tajimi Technical Center
2.Location? Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture
3.Site area approx. 390,000 m2
4.Outline of facility? High-speed track
5.Investment amount? 2.6 billion yen
6.Construction period? From March 2012 to mid 2013

Planned construction site