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News Release 2011

New Years Greeting from President

(Kariya, Japan) January 6, 2011 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi Pref., President: Shuhei Toyoda) held a new years greeting ceremony at its headquarter on the 6th of January from 8:30am. Below is the summary of President Toyoda’s new years greeting.

Fully complete one’s own tasks, “All in one mind and heart”

Everything around us seems to fall under the gloom of a world economy that isn’t recovering as fast as we would like it. We should recognize the difficult situation we are facing, flexibly respond to harsh changes and win a place in highly competitive global market.

1.Developing and manufacturing products based on the end?customers:

  As the professionals in the manufacturing of car interior systems and filter power train, we must exactly know and understand the needs of the diverse end users while we continue to pursue “what the best is”, based on Toyota Boshoku’s standards and philosophy.

2.Human resources development that fosters the core of Toyota Boshoku:

  Managing person should implement OJT to team members, mutually tackle challenging tasks to learn from its process and results, in order to foster sound active foundation to Toyota Boshoku group’s “Monozukuri”.

3.Efforts towards “Globalisation”

  Foreseeing the expansion of global market centering emerging countries, we must drastically improve our capabilities in advanced R&D, enforce development capability in each region and progress the globalization of each functions. It is also vital to develop and improve our global communication skills in English to assure those efforts towards globalisation.

4.Always have a mindset to fully complete your task:

  Have a mindset that guarantees that every work you have, is well thought through and completed up to the highest step, to achieve worthwhile results that are ahead of competitors.

5.“Bonji Tettei”-Do the tasks with extreme thoughts-:

  The more eagerly we want to expand into a new area or new business, the more we are required to design and do our daily work in a perfect manner. I expect every member to check whether each operation is really made to allow daily tasks to be performed at a perfect level, and make continuous improvements.


2011 will be another year with a harsh economic environment, though I strongly believe we can overcome the difficulties we are facing. If each one of us thinks hard, fully commits herself and himself, with perseverance and all in one mind and heart, we will be able to offer customers competitive products at competitive prices.