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News Release 2016

Toyota Boshoku Formulates 2050 Environmental Vision Aiming for a Sustainable Global Environment for our Children

KARIYA (Japan) -May 18, 2016- Toyota Boshoku Corporation (TOKYO: 3116) has formulated 2050 Environmental Vision and 2020 Environmental Action Plan. The goal is to help maintain a sustainable global environment by promoting global environmental protection uniformly throughout the Toyota Boshoku group.

Until now, the Toyota Boshoku group has formulated environmental action plans every five years, and actively engaged in environmental activities in concert with its business activities. In particular, the company has focused on global warming countermeasures by setting and achieving worldwide environmental targets.

The 2050 Environmental Vision establishes six challenge targets in response to such environmental issues as climate change, water scarcity, resource depletion, and biodiversity crisis. The 2020 Environmental Action Plan is a five-year, medium-term plan of action that sets out items that need to be tackled in order to realize the 2050 Environmental Vision.

2050 Environmental Vision / 6 Environmental Challenge Targets


We will work together with all stakeholders with the aim of creating sustainable global environment where children can lead their lives with smile. 

6 Environmental Challenge Targets

1. Challenge of achieving zero CO2 emissions in Toyota Boshoku group
2. Challenge of achieving zero CO2 emissions in the life cycle
3. Challenge of achieving zero wastewater in Toyota Boshoku group production processes by water recycling
4. Challenge of minimizing natural resources usage
5. Challenge of minimizing wastes produced by Toyota Boshoku group
6. Challenge of planting 1.32 million trees as part of afforestation activities


2020 Environmental Action Plan

The medium-term plan of action covering 2016 to 2020 will pursue three main initiatives based on Environmental Management. These are titled “Establishment of Low Carbon Society” “Establishment of Recycling-based Society” and “Establishment of Symbiotic Society”.