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Toyota Boshoku group is a global, leading supplier and manufacturer of advanced automotive interior components. Founded in 1918 as the first Toyota group company, it now operates in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America with approximately 46,000 employees.

We have fully recognized the extreme importance of talent. Our current position comes from our excellent team of talent. We firmly believe that our future success will rely on our existing excellent team members.

Our employees have sound qualifications, being unfazed by challenges and difficulties, working hard and being bold in making innovations. They form our united, efficient, and professional team. They take the initiative to deal with demands from customers, provide satisfying solutions, and continuously create successes.

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  • Toyota Boshoku Asia Co., Ltd.

Toyota Boshoku Asia Co., Ltd. (TBAS) acts as the Regional Management & Collaboration Hubs (RM & CH) and Research and Development Center (R & D). The Company manages and monitors all business of subsidiary companies in Asia and Oceania (24 companies in 10 countries). The main functions of Toyota Boshoku Asia Co., Ltd. are design, development and distribution of automotive interior components such as seats, door trims, filters, and certain shield airbags, etc.

In response to our continuous growth, the Company is seeking with responsible, creative and enthusiastic individuals to join and assist in the development of our Company. We believe that individuals can grow and thrive in our diverse corporate culture. New team members are welcome while current members are being continuously developed by our training program and Genchi Genbutsu (the principle of the Toyota Production System). We work together as a professional team to produce the best results and achieve higher goals for our Company. Second to none, Toyota Boshoku Asia Co., Ltd. offers competitive benefits and a good working environment for our team members.

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