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Toyota Boshoku—interior spaces that simply feel right.


Floor Carpets

Exceptional sound insulation (sound insuration, etc.) prevents road noise from entering the vehicle cabin for a more comfortable interior space.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are used in the cargo space of hatchbacks, SUVs, station wagons and other vehicles.

Package Trays

Package trays are located behind the rear seats of a sedan or Hatch-back Package trays for behind the rear seat.
Toyota Boshoku Asia can make 3 types of package tray (Injection, Kenaf and Wood Powder).
Toyota Boshoku Australia has the capability to produce both Resin type (injection moulded) and Kenaf type (low pressure molded).
Kenaf is a plant based product that is a renewal resource and provides an environmental friendly alternative that is also lite weight and strong.

Sunshade Systems

Sunshade systems prevent sunlight entering from the side of a vehicle and to protect privacy in rear seats.


Silencers prevent engine noise from infiltrating the cabin from the engine bay, improving driver comfort and enjoyment.

Injection Molded Interior Parts

Pillar garnishes, scuff plates and various interior resin parts, creating a harmonious interior space.

Luggage Trim Liners

Molded luggage trim parts and boot mats provide further sound insuration to prevent noise from entering the vehicle cabin.