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Today, I would like to express my opinion about 2 topics that are "Genchi Genbutsu Management" and "Our Motto".
Toyota Boshoku recently has settled the mid-term business strategy with high sales amount and profit in 2015, 2020.
I think probably our competitors also have the mid-term business strategy with the high target like us. So, we shall struggle to compete against the competitors to scramble to get the market, regardless we hope or not.
And we must start to do various activities in order to win the severe competition. But if we do the same things as the competitors, or repeat what we did in the past, I am sure that we can not get any advantage against competitors.
Needless to say, the key point is to do better than what the competitors do and also we must think better way than what we did in the past, then taking an action quickly.
In order to actualize the above mention, the starting point is to recognize the actual current situation that what the competitors are doing, and also what we are doing now.
Without finding out the kaizen point of current situation by observing the current process and products by Genchi Genbutsu, we cannot figure out any ideas to improve the current situation.
I am sure this process will drive us to do Kaizen activity to improve the current situation seriously.
By taking some examples, I would like to explain "How importance of the Genchi Genbutsu Management is."
Firstly, I would like to explain the difference of vehicle image between Asia and Japan. In Asia, even Camry is mostly driven by personal driver while the owner is sitting in the rear seat. On the other hand, the owner drives Camry by him or herself in Japan.
This matter is noticed after I moved to the Genchi, Asia. I couldn’t notice this difference when I was in Japan. This is one of samples how importance the Genchi Genbutsu management is.
Next, let’s think about manufacturing activities. If we follow the past manufacturing way that we have done in the past, we cannot have any progress in safety, quality and productivity.
Consequently I believe that we will lose the competition against the competitors. I believe that we must develop the manufacturing way e.g. machine, material, working method to get the better result and it is very valuable process to find out the kaizen point by observing the actual manufacturing way by Genchi Genbutsu. This is another sample how importance of the Genchi Genbutsu management is.

I would like to repeat that Genchi Genbutsu Management is the best way to understand the current situation. Just only sitting at the table will give us nothing but only wasting time because through my experience I can say it is easier to understand the true story or what is going on by Genchi Genbutsu Management.

We must win the competition, otherwise we must leave from this industry. However, simultaneous growing together with the society is also important. My intention towards society is expressed in Our Motto which I would like to introduce next.

Please Keep in mind that our motto is, "To reinforce our stance as a company with strong community ties". I am always thinking, to get reliability from community which is key essence to succeed in business. It is very important to be recognized by community that our company is contributing to the development of the country and growth of the people including our company’s employee. Otherwise, we may stand alone in the community and lose the market support.

In short, it is inevitable that the company must struggle to win the competition. As a company, we must compete against the competitors and to get profit which will be used for future investment, and to contribute to the development of the country and growth of the people including our company’s employee. Any company that can do as I suggest will be the sustainable company.

I am committed to foster my Asean group of company.