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News Release 2019

Toyota Boshoku to open a sales and development office in India

-Strengthening our compact car business in emerging nations-

Kariya(JAPAN) – May 9, 2019 –Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Tokyo:3116) will open an office in Gurgaon City in the state of Haryana, India in May, 2019 to provide the two functions of sales and development. We will enhance sales activities of our compact car business in India and other emerging nations by proposing seats and interior components while cooperating with automobile manufacturers from the development stage of vehicles.

For the last 20 years, Toyota Boshoku group has produced vehicle seats with Toyota Boshoku Automotive India Private Limited, which is located in southern India. Now, we will open a new office in northern India with the aim of further expanding our business. By taking advantage of our strength in technological development capability and high-quality manufacturing, we will promote sales to Japanese and other automobile manufacturers.

Our proposal will include the optimal seat frames, functionality, and seat covers to match the physique of users, safety standards, and such other regional characteristics in emerging nations. Additionally, we are going to focus our efforts on market surveys and acquisition of new suppliers for further strengthening of our competitiveness in seats and interior components.

Overview of New Office
1. Name: Gurgaon Office, Toyota Boshoku Automotive India Private Limited
2. Location: Haryana, India
3. Opened: May 2019
4. Number of employees: 9
Overview of Toyota Boshoku Automotive India Private Limited
1. Location: Karnataka, India
2. Established: July 1998
3. Number of employees: Approx. 1,400 (as of March 31, 2019)
4. Business activities: Manufacture and sales of seats and interior components

In Japan, Toyota Boshoku has established sales offices near automotive manufacturers in cities such as Osaka, Hiroshima and Hamamatsu. Developers are stationed full-time at these offices in order to strengthen sales activities for the development of products that exceed customers’ expectations.

Toyota Boshoku is aiming to provide “QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE” as a company that persists in proposing excellent mobility for customers throughout the world.