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News Release 2013

Toyota Boshoku had partnership with CAAM Launched TPS kaizen activities

(Shanghai, China) September 25, 2013 – Toyota Boshoku (China) Co., Ltd., The Chinese regional headquarters of Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Tokyo:3116), had partnership with China Association of Automobile Manufactures (hereafter referred to as “CAAM”) launched TPS(Toyota Production System) Kaizen Activities in Wal Fuel Systems (HeFei) Ltd.. Mr. Li Jingsheng, deputy secretary-general of CAAM. Mr.Sunao Yamamoto, president of Toyota Boshoku (China), Mr. Zhuang Zhiqiang, vice president of Toyota Boshoku (China), Mr.Hiroto Honda, group manager, Mr.Toshimitsu Izumi, team manager of production management group and total of more than 70 members from 10 companies such as Beijing Auto participated in the launching ceremony on 16th of September and took training course for a period of two days as well.

TPS Kaizen Activities, would be the important part of Enterprises Management Improvement Program held by Enterprises Management Committee of CAAM. Toyota Boshoku was invited together with CAAM composed of lean management team of experts to provide free counseling for enterprises. The event aims to teach Toyota Production System methods that inherited by Toyota Boshoku and Toyota Group nearly a century to China’s domestic auto enterprises, assisting Chinese automobile industry to improve the management level and production efficiency.

Participants from CAAM, Toyota Boshoku and others companies

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the program, the deputy secretary-general of CAAM, Mr. Li Jingsheng expressed gratitude to Toyota Boshoku for selfless assistance firstly. He pointed out that Currently China had become a major automobile producer after total 60 years development, but it was still far from the world leading level in production efficiency and quality. CAAM was the enterprise service agencies for Chinese automotive industry, carrying out the automotive industry research, and helping enterprises from the actual demand and situation as well. As “TPS” originated from Toyota, CAAM cooperated with the origins companies of the Toyota Group, Toyota Boshoku to carry out the “TPS Kaizen activities”. Through the joint efforts of all parties, CAAM guided every enterprise within the automotive industry to improve continually and upgraded the overall level of China’s automobile industry, realizing China’s “auto power dream.”

Deputy secretary-general of CAAM, Mr. Li Jingsheng made a speech

The president of Toyota Boshoku (China), Mr.Sunao Yamamoto made a speech and firstly extended his appreciation for CAAM cooperation with Toyota Boshoku. He said that as a corporation established nearly a hundred years, Toyota Boshoku had set up over hundreds of companies worldwide. Toyota Boshoku was invited to participate in this event, and would send the best team of experts to great lengths to carry out guidance activities with CAAM regularly. At same time, he mentioned that TPS (Toyota Production System) has no end, and would be invincible position with improving continually. He hoped that participants in the event would be in a better position with the strong support from the leadership of the companies and worked together to achieve common goal.

President of Toyota Boshoku (China), Mr.Sunao Yamamoto delivered a speech

On behalf of the participating enterprises, the General Manager of Wal Fuel Systems (HeFei) Ltd where the first event location, Mr. Shi addressed on the ceremony. He said that generally there were a variety of problems existing in the management of Chinese enterprises currently. Some companies just desired instant gratification, were eager to change the present situation, but they had no idea where to start. The TPS lean guidance activities, The non-profit activities that co-hosted by CAAM and Toyota Boshoku with dependable and strong guidance team was a rare opportunity for enterprises. As a participating enterprise should actively involve in activities, and effectively grasped this opportunity to solve business problems, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises under helping of the guidance team.

During the training session, Mr.Toshimitsu Izumi, team manager and Mr. Cheng xiao, manager from Toyota Boshoku (China) Production Survey Office, as well as Mr. Duan Jianlin, manager from Tianjin Feng’Ai Automotive Seat Parts Co.,Ltd. explained in detail the origin, purpose, significance and specific implication of Toyota Production System to participants. In addition, the half-day imitated practice made the participants experience the unexpected effect by TPS. Combining the theory with practice, introduced the TPS courses lively.

Imitated TPS practice

Imitated TPS practice

The TPS Kaizen Activities team of experts had made detailed implementation plan. Based on enterprises such as HeFei Wal for the future, hold on-site guidance activities regularly, instructed enterprises gradually promote Toyota Production System, feasible helped enterprises gradually improve, enhanced the production capacity and competitiveness of enterprises.