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News Release 2015

“Toyota Boshoku Oasis Project” held in Inner Mongolia for Three Consecutive Years

(SHANGHAI, China) May 22, 2015 – Toyota Boshoku (China) Co.Ltd., in cooperation with the China Green Foundation organized and held the 3rd “Toyota Boshoku Oasis Project” in the East Tengger Desert Ecological Management Demonstration Zone, Alxa Left Banner of Inner Mongolia. 35 volunteers from 17 Toyota Boshoku group subsidiaries in China joined the event and planted nearly 400 wild jujube trees to build a forest belt that prevents desertification.

Since the launch of this project in 2013, all the Toyota Boshoku group subsidiaries located in China have donated to the desertification prevention foundation and planted 60 seedlings of wind breaking plants like sacsaoul, which has a high survival rate of 90%.

Fulfilling environmental protection responsibility by planting trees for a decade
All the Toyota Boshoku group members share a policy to “do what is right to contribute to the society as a good corporate citizen”. While developing environmentally friendly products, it has never forgotten its corporate responsibility and carried out environmental protection activities to benefit societies all around the world.

Alxa Banner of Inner Mongolia has typical desert climate with scarce rainfall, and its severe aridness causes the continuous soil desertification that triggers all the previous sand storms. The East Tengger Desert Ecological Management Demonstration Zone is located in the west of Helan Mountains and the east edge of Tengger Desert.

Based on the original landform, Toyota Boshoku volunteers planted various desertification preventing shrubs that consumes the minimum amount of underground water to form a forest belt functioning to stabilize sands. This has effectively blocked the eastward expansion of Tengger Desert and improved the area’s ecological environment.

Zhuang Zhiqiang, the Vice President of Toyota Boshoku (China) Co.Ltd. said, “Our social benefit activities such as tree planting are based on Toyota Boshoku group’s long-term development strategy in China, aiming to enthusiastically fulfill our social responsibilities. We advocate our employees, clients and partners to focus on natural environment and industrial health and proactively join the green activity for sustainable development.”

Planting trees to nurture employees’ environmental awareness
Toyota Boshoku (China) Co.Ltd. is a regional headquarter and R&D center that organizes 17 production entities in China, with total of approximately 9,000 employees. During the green activity of 3 consecutive years, representatives of all the entities in China have actually experienced the atrocious environment in Alxa, and shared with their colleagues to raise their environmental protection awareness and enhance them to get involved in desertification prevention activity.

The tree planting activity also plays an important role along with Toyota Boshoku group’s human resource development philosophy. After the planting, the middle managements of all the production entities were organized to experience camping, not only to strengthen each individual’s willpower but also to improve teamwork and management skill through active communication.

Toyota Boshoku group’s middle managements trekking across the Tengger Desert