Autonomous driving concept vehicle

No steering wheel or pedals

Occupant capacity: Two persons (three if a conductor is included)

Main Interior Features

Virtual tour experience ultilizing transparent display and five senses stimulation device

Contactless occupant status monitoring

Deep UV sterilizing system employed when the vehicle is not in operation

Details of Installed Features

Virtual tour experience utilizing transparent display and five senses stimulation device

MOOX provides a new entertainment experience, allowing occupants to enjoy games, live performances, and other types of entertainment while on the move. The system includes features allowing the occupants to rediscover regional attractions. For example, the transparent display shows AR (Augmented Reality) video content corresponding to the vehicle's location data and introduces notable spots in the area while naturally directing the occupants' line of sight. In addition, the depth sensor gauges the occupant's gestures (behavior) to provide an interactive experience with the content. The aim of the "MOOX" spatial control system is to provide a new mobile experience in theme parks, sightseeing spots, smart cities, and other locations in the future.

A sensor capable of recognizing the shapes of people, objects, and other items as three-dimensional solids

Antibacterial Processing Using a Visible Light-Responsive Photocatalyst "V-CAT®"

"V-CAT®" is a visible light-responsive photocatalyst designed to have an antibacterial effect when exposed not only to ultraviolet light but also visible light from fluorescent lamps and other sources. V-CAT® is applied to places in the vehicle interior that may be touched by occupants.

A visible light-responsive photocatalyst developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. and a registered trademark owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Occupant Status Monitoring System

This system estimates the occupants' temperatures without contact and detects whether or not the occupants are wearing masks. In addition, flexible sensors built into the seat surface measure cardio-ballistic conditions from the slight body movements of the seat's occupant, while an algorithm utilizing proprietary noise processing estimates pulse and heart rate.

Deep UV Automatic Sterilizing System

After the occupants exit the vehicle, the unoccupied interior space is irradiated with deep ultraviolet rays from a portable device mounted on the ceiling sterilizing seats, tables and other interior materials before the subsequent run.