An interior space concept that supports level 3 to 4 autonomous cars. The MX191 concept is created on the theme of "more comfort, more safety, and more enjoyment."
Like a trusted concierge, it carefully watches over the interior space and its occupants.

MX191 has six concierge systems which stimulate the occupants' all senses to create a feeling of safety, enjoyment and comfort.

*MX191 Mobility eXperience

"Looking after the space, to look after the people"
A space that makes moving fun while monitoring the occupant closely to provide a sense of safety and comfort

5-Companies within the Toyota Group collaborated to create new values for the future interior space.

包み込みパーソナル空調システム 動的快適システム 体格姿勢検知シート自動調整システム 覚醒維持システム

Six systems that look after the passengers

  • ① Pre-Boarding System

    Pre-Boarding System
  • ② Comfort Control System

    Comfort Control System
  • ③ Active Driver Engagement System

    Active Driver Engagement System
  • ④ Safety Monitoring Seat Arrangement System

    Safety Monitoring Seat Arrangement System
  • ⑤ Multi-Space Utilization System

    Multi-Space Utilization System
  • ⑥ Occupant Protection Safety System

    Occupant Protection Safety System



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