News Release 2021

Toyota Boshoku Seats, Unit Parts are adopted to New Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Head Office: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan; President: Takeshi Numa) has developed seats, unit parts and other parts adopted to Toyota Motor Corporation’s new Land Cruiser that went on sale last month.

【Stowable third-row seats】
Toyota Boshoku Corporation has developed third-row seats (③) for 7-seater Land Cruiser models that can be retracted into the floor. By folding the second-row seat(②) and retracting the third-row seat into the floor, this seat arrange can create a fully flat luggage space that allows carrying a variety of luggage, without bothering by size or length. This improves the Land Cruiser’s convenience and ease of use. In addition, the ZX gasoline, GR Sport gasoline, and VX grades (7-seater grades) third-row seats allows the third-row seat to be retracted and returned automatically by push of a switch.

Also, the seatback boards of the front seats (①) and third-row seats (③) are made of a base material consisting of kenaf fiber and oil-based polypropylene. They are approximately 20% lighter than the polypropylene base material used previously. The use of kenaf and lightweight parts reduces the CO2 output and contributes toward achieving carbon neutrality of vehicles.

2.Unit parts
A newly developed oil mist separator, resin cylinder head cover, and air cleaner for dusty environments1 have also been adopted, and those contributes to evolution of the reliability, durability and rough terrain performance, of which the Land Cruiser continues to protect.

・The oil mist separator removes oil mist from blow-by gas2. The dual top and bottom layers achieve excellent performance to remove oil mist by occupying only a small space.
・The resin cylinder head cover meets the requirements of performance while contributing to low fuel consumption by using an optimum amount of material to reduce weight.
・A 25% increase3 in dust filtration has been achieved by an air cleaner filter specifically designed to accommodate dusty environments. The thickness of the filter fibers and the distance between fibers are optimized.

*1 Manufactured by Toyota Boshoku Corporation and sold by DENSO Corporation
*2 Unburned gas that leaks down into the crankcase through gaps between the piston rings during the engine’s compression and combustion processes.
*3 According to Toyota Boshoku in-house measurements

3.Other adopted Toyota Boshoku products
Door trims, cabin air filters, oil filters, etc.