News Release 2019

Iwate University, Toyota Boshoku Conclude 'Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Centered on Industrial Technology Development'

―Industrial Technology Enhancement for Manufacturing Innovation―

Kariya (JAPAN) -March 15, 2019- National University Corporation Iwate University and Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Tokyo:3116) concluded a “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Centered on Industrial Technology Development” on Friday, March 15, 2019.

Under this agreement, Iwate University and Toyota Boshoku will enter into a comprehensive partnership focused on enhancing their industrial technology capacity with the aim of future manufacturing innovation. The objective of the agreement is to contribute to community development by improving the university’s education and research ability and Toyota Boshoku’s industrial technology capacity. This will be done via a partnership between the university, which carries out cutting-edge research to develop die technology, and Toyota Boshoku, which develops and manufactures automotive interior systems and powertrain components.

Over the next six years, while carrying out technical consultations in a wide range of fields and joint research on industrial technology, they will deepen their partnership in many areas, including through personnel exchange via internships and lectures, and through the effective use of their respective facilities and equipment.

At the ceremony to mark the conclusion of the agreement, Iwate University President Akira Iwabuchi said, “Through this agreement, the university would like to return its capacity to research dies and casting to the community to contribute to its revitalization. Moreover, by having undergraduate and graduate students participate in research exchanges and see with their own eyes how research can best be put to use in society, we would like to motivate them to engage in deeper learning and more advanced research.”

“The automotive industry is in the midst of a once in a century revolution, and we at Toyota Boshoku are undertaking various measures to ensure we continue to be a trusted corporation over the next 100 years. Leveraging the manufacturing expertise of Toyota Boshoku and the academic expertise of Iwate University, we want to solve production technology challenges and realize manufacturing innovations to strengthen our future competitiveness,” said Toyota Boshoku Executive Managing Officer Shinji Kano.

“Iwate Prefecture encourage the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technology in the areas of industry and life in the Kitakami river basin and to create a zone that will serve as a model for the 21st century of a place where it is easy to live and work. Iwate Prefecture will provide support so that the conclusion of this agreement helps spur that project and leads to the further development of the automotive industry in Iwate Prefecture and the Tohoku region.” said Iwate Prefectural Vice-Governor Kazuei Tamotsu, who attended the ceremony. 

Toyota Boshoku Executive Managing Officer Kano (left), and Iwate University President Iwabuchi (right), Iwate Prefectural Vice-Governor Tamotsu (center)