News Release 2012

Toyota Boshoku presents its first exhibit at Milano Salone in Italy - Our first European design studio proposes the future of automobile interior space -

Kariya (JAPAN) – April 5, 2012 – Toyota Boshoku Corporation (President Shuhei Toyoda) will present an exhibit for the first time at the 51st International Furniture Fair “Milano Salone*1” in Milan, Italy from Tuesday, April 17 to Sunday, April 22, 2012.   Toyota Boshoku’s design studio in Milan, TOYOTA BOSHOKU MILAN DESIGN BRANCH*2, will present its proposal for the future of automobile interior space.

The theme of our exhibit is “origamic”.  We have fused together the worldview of spinning thread and weaving fabric with the ideas of “origami” that create three-dimensional shapes from folded paper for the purpose of proposing organic and dynamic designs through our own unique expressive skills.  Textiles were the original business of Toyota Boshoku and we continue to pursue the possibilities of fabric for creating comfortable spaces.  We are proposing new ideas, under the concepts of lightweight, flexible, smart, and material coordination for products such as future automobile interior spaces and fabric walls for the home.

The TOYOTA BOSHOKU MILAN DESIGN BRANCH will use this exhibition as an opportunity to actively showcase the designs of the Toyota Boshoku group to global automobile manufacturers and also create appealing and comfortable automobile interior spaces that will delight our customers around the world.

1. Main showpieces
 1) Automobile interior space concept, “Wear Me” [Reference exhibit]

This is a proposal for an automobile that has removable fabric.  A flexible and water-resistant fabric was used for the exterior of this vehicle and it can be removed and worn as a rain jacket once you reach your destination.

 2) Automobile interior space model, “T-Bridge”

Under the theme “multiple possibilities in a compact vehicle”, we propose a new automobile interior space where the vehicle interior can be freely arranged to match individual needs and situations.  It can also connect to mobile devices and will link people and automobiles together.

 2. Other showpieces
 1) “Nunokabe”, a fabric wall display for home interiors
 2) “T-Brain”, an automobile interior space relief model
 3) “Aerial”, a slim-style seat
 4) “TB Sports Seat”, an original sports seat
 5) “Hana”, a bag that enhances your driving pleasure

Colorful fabrics will be used throughout our entire exhibit to color the walls and  through special lighting we will propose gorgeous interior spaces.

3. Location of exhibit

Address: Via Morimondo 26, 20143 Milano

4. Remarks
  Image movie of the exhibit

 *1:One of the largest international furniture fairs in the world.  A variety of different design events are being held throughout the city of Milan during the Milano Salone and this is an opportunity for not only furniture and interior manufacturers, but also home appliance, automobile, and fashion manufacturers to showcase their brands, design skills, and new products to the world.  This is the first time that Toyota Boshoku will hold an exhibit (at our Milan design studio) during this fair.

*2:Established in September 2011 as our first design studio in Europe.  It is a place where designers come into contact with leading-edge design trends, cultivate their creative abilities, and create their own highly original designs.  It also acts as a base to transmit information to the world with the aim to improve the Toyota Boshoku group’s global competitiveness.

Automobile interior space concept, “Wear Me”

Automobile interior space model, “T-Bridge”