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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2010

Official name Automotive Engineering Exposition 2010
Venue PACIFICO Yokohama (Kanagawa, Japan)
Dates May 19(Wed) 2010~May 21(Fri) 2010
Booth number 159
Products 1) Lightweight and energy saving technology
Next generation seat frame TB-NF100(manual), TB-NF110 (manual power)
Slim style seat (reference exhibit)
Lightweight foam PP*1 door trim base material [*1 Polypropylene]
Plastic intake manifolds for horizontally opposed four-cylinder engines
Resin cylinder head covers with OCV*2 [*2 Oil control valve]

2) Biotechnology
Kenaf (100% plant-derived material) base material with high heat resistance
Bio-urethane seat pads
Kenaf injection molded material (reference exhibit)
PTT*3 fiber fabrics (reference exhibit) [*3 Polytrimethylene terephthalate]
Ecological Plastic*4 covering material

[*4 The name of a plastic developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation, which contains a plant-derived compound that has superior urability and shock resistance when compared to other bio-plastics.]

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