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Milano Salone 2012

Official name Milano Salone 2012
Venue Toyota Boshoku Milan Design Branch (Milan, Italy)
Dates April 17(Tue) 2012~April 22(Sun) 2012
Products 1.Automobile Interior Space concept, "Wear Me"
This is a proposal for an automobile that has removable fabric. A flexible and water-resistant fabric was used for the exterior of this vehicle and it can be removed and worn as a rain jacket once you reach your destination.
■“Wear Me” demonstration movie

2.Automobile Interior Space Model, "T-Bridge"
Under the theme “multiple possibilities in a compact vehicle”, we propose a new automobile interior space where the vehicle interior can be freely arranged to match individual needs and situations. It can also connect to mobile devices and will link people and automobiles together.

■Special movie

*Toyota Boshoku displays at Toyota Boshoku Milan Design Branch during the Milano Salone
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