CSR Social Activities

Thorough Reinforcement of Risk Management

The Toyota Boshoku group is working to comprehensively reinforce risk management via the creation of an effective risk management system in order to respond swiftly to management risk, risk in daily operations and other risks such as disasters and accidents and reputation*.
* Risk of losing societal trust

Basic risk management policy

  1. Endeavour to predict and prevent crises
  2. Give maximum priority to assuring the safety of human life should a crisis occur
  3. Should a crisis occur, centralise information and promptly investigate the cause, respond appropriately and minimise damage
  4. In case of significant social damage or impact, release information promptly in good faith

Risk Management System

In the Toyota Boshoku group, respective functional divisions promote initiatives to prevent and reduce various risks. Although the CSR Committee has evaluated risk management and conducted follow-up, in fiscal 2016 the newly established Risk Management Function Meeting was split off in order to further strengthen risk management company-wide, prevent various risks and minimise damage.

Improving BCP

Within our business continuity plan (BCP), such major risk is perceived as significant damage to processes from a large-scale natural disaster, problems with the supply chain due to disaster and a major accident at our plants, and we are working to implement decisive countermeasures. We have set up risk measures for indispensable processes to mitigate the risk of natural disaster; enhanced and expanded supply chain information and clarified alternate production to mitigate the risk of damages in the supply chain; and introduced countermeasures to prevent recurrence of explosions or fire and conduct highly realistic evacuation and recovery drills to mitigate the risk of a major accident at our plants.