CSR Social Activities

Social Contribution

Basic stance

Based on our corporate philosophy in which we will promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, we will strive to enhance corporate value and contribute to social value by distributing economic value to society.

Three core areas of our social contribution activities

The Toyota Boshoku group strives to make a contribution to society, with active member participation as the driving force behind our activities in three core areas, namely activities with local communities, environmental activities and fostering youth through education, aimed at meeting the expectations of stakeholders.

Three core areas


Highlights of initiatives in fiscal 2018

Participated in reconstruction project for an elementary school damaged in a major earthquake in Nepal

Toyota Boshoku Managers’ Association has supported a reconstruction project implemented by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Plan International Japan for an elementary school damaged in a major earthquake in Nepal. The earthquake struck mid-western Nepal on April 25, 2015 and had a magnitude of 7.8, causing significant damage to Nepal and its neighbouring countries. Although the original classrooms were not particularly comfortable for the small children, the new building is expected to provide a much better learning environment for all of the children that will provide peace of mind to parents.

Children express their happiness upon
completion of the new school building.

Reforestation at a global level

The Toyota Boshoku group is conducting reforestation activities in line with local needs in the respective regions of The Americas, Asia & Oceania, China, Europe & Africa and Japan. In fiscal 2018, the Toyota Boshoku group undertook forest restoration activities in The Americas and the Asia & Oceania region, actions to prevent desertification in China, forest development activities around factories in Europe & Africa, and tree-planting and development activities at an Eco-Forest in Japan. Approximately 380,000 trees have been planted to date with a target of 500,000 to be planted by 2020. Going forward, the Toyota Boshoku group will continue working to prevent global warming and protect ecosystems through reforestation and tree-planting activities together with local citizens.

Tree-planting targets to 2020

Tree-planting targets to 2020