CSR Social Activities

Social Contribution

Basic stance

Based on our corporate philosophy in which we will promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, we will strive to enhance corporate value and contribute to social value by distributing economic value to society.

four core areas of our social contribution activities

The Toyota Boshoku group strives to make a contribution to society, with active member participation as the driving force behind our activities in four core areas, namely activities with local communities, environmental activities, fostering youth through education, and contributing to disaster recovery assistance, aimed at meeting the expectations of stakeholders.

Four core areas

  • Activities with local communities

    We work to vitalise local economies with activities that contribute to the resolution of social issues.

  • Environmental activities

    We contribute to environmental preservation by taking a serious approach to such issues as global warming and waste generation

  • Fostering youth through education

    We support the wholesome growth of young people who will lead the next generation.

  • Contributing to disaster recovery assistance

    We engage in activities to support the recovery of areas affected by earthquakes, wind, floods and other disasters.

Highlights of initiatives in fiscal 2020

Programs for Interaction with Children with Down's Syndrome

Since 2000, Toyota Boshoku has continued to conduct community-based activities in collaboration with Angel, an association for children with Down's Syndrome and other chromosome-related disabilities, student groups and Toyota City, furthering interactions in 2019 with boating cruises, barbeques and karaoke sessions. We plan to keep these activities up to raise awareness of social welfare among employees and promote more exchange.