Together with Global Society & Local Communities

The Toyota Boshoku group will implement social contribution activities in response to local issues based on our shared corporate philosophy in which we endeavour to promote corporate growth while fulfiling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Toyota Boshoku group areas of focus

  • Activities with local citizens
  • Environmental activities
  • Foster youth through education

Global social contribution activities

The Toyota Boshoku group hopes to continue as a trusted company. In this way, we can build strong bonds with local communities and promote environmental activities. This section includes some of the activities we are undertaking in each region.

  • U.S.A

    TBDN Tennessee

    Cooperated with a programme to grow vegetables run by a social welfare organisation.

  • Brazil

    Toyota Boshoku Do Brasil

    Planted around 200 fruit trees, etc., around the company.

  • Argentina

    Toyota Boshoku Argentina

    Interacted with children at a local children’s facility.

  • Thailand

    Boshoku Automotive(Thailand)

    Conducted tree-planting activities in Rayon Province.

  • Taiwan

    Shin San Shing

    Gave Christmas cards to children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

  • Vietnam

    Toyota Boshoku Hanoi

    Cleaned up a local tourist area.

  • China

    Heyuan Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts

    Conducted local cleanup activities.

  • China

    Toyota Boshoku (China)

    Planted 14,420 trees in four years to prevent desertification in Inner Mongolia.

  • China

    Kunshan Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts

    Gave fruits to a local orphanage.

  • France

    Toyota Boshoku Somain

    Donated to a local social support organisation.

  • Turkey

    Toyota Boshoku Turkey

    Implemented tree-planting activities in Sakarya Province.

  • Russia

    TOYOTA BOSHOKU in Russia

    Conducted fund-raising activities and used the proceeds to get presents for children in an orphanage.

  • Japan

    Toyota Boshoku Tohoku

    Participated in local cleanup activities.

  • Japan

    Toyota Boshoku

    Held a woodworking class using tree trimmings with students from a special needs class.