CSR Social Activities

Report on CSR Performance Indicators

The Toyota Boshoku group constantly reviews management indicators in an effort to improve CSR activities so that our various corporate activities lead to enhancement of corporate value.

KPIs for Fiscal 2016 CSR Initiatives: Targets and Results

(Assessment : Achieved, △ : Target achievement rate 75% to <100%, × : Not achieved)
Basic policy Evaluation items for KPI Targets FY2016 results Evaluation Initiatives for FY2017
Local communities & global society The Company will promote corporate growth while fulfilling the following responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. Maintain ethical values, ensuring that our corporate activities are fair and transparent Compliance G Implementation level for Guiding Principles 100% 76% Continue to provide education that includes planning for e-Learning courses and training on legal themes, and increase awareness by regularly inputting pertinent text on the computer’s startup screen
Confidentiality management G Number of confidential information leaks 0 0 0
Understanding level for confidentiality management rules 100% 98% Make rules widely known through e-Learning and conduct audits on the status of compliance with rules
Compliance with laws and regulations G Number of bribery violations 0 0 0
Return profits to society S Sustainable tax payment to local or national authorities by achievement of financial KPI FY2020 target: operating profit of 5% or more Operating profit: 5.3% - Operating profit: 4.6%*1
Supply safe products that do not harm the environment; Promote corporate activities that help protect the global environment Environmental conservation E Number of environmental abnormalities and complaints*2 0 0 0
Ratio of CO2 reduction with basic unit (t-CO2/1,000 units) Reduce 7% vs FY2010 (base year) (Single year target based on 2020 Environmental Action Plan: reduce 2%/year) Reduce 8.3% vs FY2010 (base year) (Single year target based on 2020 Environmental Action Plan: reduce 3.5%/year) Reduce 9% vs FY2010 (base year) (Single year target based on 2020 Environmental Action Plan: reduce 2%/year)
Ratio of waste reduction with basic unit (t/1,000 units) Reduce 6% vs FY2010 (base year) (Single year target based on 2020 Environmental Action Plan: reduce 1%/year) Reduce 27.9% vs FY2010 (base year) (Single year target based on 2020 Environmental Action Plan: reduce 24%/year) Reduce 7% vs FY2010 (base year) (Single year target based on 2020 Environmental Action Plan: reduce 1%/year)
Create a better society as a member of our local communities Social Contribution S Number of volunteer activity participants Total number: 7,200 Total number: 7,293 Total number: 7,200
Customers The Company will develop innovative technologies and products to deliver quality that satisfies our customers. Customers first S Number of prize-winning technology awards More than one customer award Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.: 2 awards
Other - Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE): 2 awards
More than one customer award
Shareholders The Company will promote innovative management policies that ensure future corporate growth and the trust of our shareholders. Disclosing information in a timely and appropriate manner G Abidance to timely and appropriate disclosure Abidance: 100% Abidance: 100% Abidance: 100%%
Improve English disclosure Financial information: 20% up Financial information: 20% up Maintain
Number of dialogues with investors
(financial briefing, plant tour, facility tour)
5 times/year 5 times/year Improve investor satisfaction Positive response rate: Achieve 70%
Provide impartial information to institutional and individual investors 5 times/year 5 times/year
Return profits to shareholders G Sustainable capitalisation by delivery of dividends FY2020 target: Dividend payout ratio 30% Dividend payout ratio: 20.5% (Annual dividend: 50 yen) - Dividend payout ratio: 24.4%*1 (Annual dividend: 50 yen)
Company members The Company will build and maintain positive labour-management relations, respect the individuality of its company members and create safe and comfortable workplaces. Respect for company members S Number of female managers 17 16 Formulate individualised plans to foster female candidates for managerial positions and follow up with each person
Designated employment rates of persons with disabilities 2.00% (as of April 2016: 1.98%) 2.04% (as of April 2017) Maintain 2.00%
Company members satisfaction level Positive response rate: Achieve 70% Positive response rate: Achieved 68% Promote innovation of vibrant work styles such as through a review of work styles and development of a system to maximise capabilities
Company members turnover rate of less than 3 years of joining the company 3% (13 persons)/year (Average of 19 persons over past three years) 2.7% (11 persons) 2.5% (approx.10 persons)
Rate of taking annual paid leave 80% (approx. 16 days) (Average of 75% over past three years) 92.2% (18.1 days) Zero incidence of people taking minimal paid leave Zero incidence of people not taking 3-day weekend holidays
Safety/Health S Number of fatal accidents 0 0 0
Implementation ratio for chemical risk assessment 100% completion 100% completion - (Already completed)
Consultation ratio for legal health check/Voluntary health check 100% consultation ratio for health checks in Japan region 99.9% consultation ratio for health checks Continue follow up in healthcare rooms and in the workplace
Implementation ratio for legal health check/Voluntary health check 100% implementation ratio for health checks in regions outside Japan 100% implementation ratio for health checks Maintain 100% consultation ratio for health checks in regions outside Japan
Lifestyle disease: Ratio of persons with BMI of 25 or above Target person ratio: 23.8% or less Target person ratio: 26.3% Continue conducting seminars on lifestyle-related diseases and jointly providing specific health-related instruction
Lifestyle disease: Smoking rate 35.5% or less 34.9% 34.4% or less
Stress check execution rate 100% 100% 100%
Suppliers The Company will promote open and mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners in pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity. Fair/transparent dealings G S E Purchasing policy shared with suppliers Deploy at Supplier Meeting (1/year) Completed by May 2016 Hold briefing on Toyota Boshoku Supplier CSR Guidelines once a year

Ensure suppliers conduct self-assessment once a year
Aim for a questionnaire response rate of at least 95%

Supplier satisfaction (incorporate suppliers’ opinions) Cases of dishonest whistleblowing: 0

Conduct a self-check and internal audit on purchasing ethics inside Toyota Boshoku (departments related to purchasing and subcontracting) once a year
Cases of serious breach: 0
Revision of Green Purchasing Guidelines Completed by March, 2017 Issued by June, 2017
Subcontract laws No deficiencies No deficiencies
Promotion of Environmental Activity with suppliers ISO14001 updated 100% ISO14001 updated 100%
Grow with suppliers Questionnaire : Positive response of at least 80% Questionnaire : Positive response of more than 80%
Number of violations of antitrust laws 0 0 0
Safety/Health S Number of significant incidents by non-Toyota Boshoku group workers or members 0 0 0

G Governance S Social E Environment

  1. *1 Forecasts were made when financial results were announced in March 2017.
  2. *2 Abnormalities: In case oil, etc., has leaked into a public waterway at a level that exceeds legal, bylaw and agreement standard values
    Complaints: In case of contact from a local citizen, government, etc., alleging physical damage or psychological effects on account of the company