Compliance with laws and regulations and awareness raising

The Toyota Boshoku group globally promotes training on laws and regulations and awareness-raising activities in order to thoroughly comply with laws and regulations related to our businesses.

Thoroughgoing compliance with antitrust laws

Toyota Boshoku established the Company Policy on Antitrust Law, in which we clearly declared that the Company will not tolerate any behaviour violating antitrust laws and company members will not commit any violations, with this declaration being shared globally. Additionally, we formulated the Antitrust Law Compliance Rules with an emphasis on rules when contacting competitor companies, thereby improving the system to prevent violations from occurring.

Toyota Boshoku formulated a compliance manual and conducts training globally that includes an Executive Legal Seminar and training for relevant departments while related internal rules have also been created at each site. The Company is therefore deepening understanding of its stance toward antitrust laws, which includes verifying operating conditions, and of cautionary points in conducting business operations. In addition, the Antitrust Law Compliance Rules were established mainly to regulate information exchange with competitors and this forms part of a structure to prevent infringements.

Comprehensive efforts toward anti-bribery

The Toyota Boshoku group is making efforts to increase understanding of regulations in respective countries related to preventing corruption such as bribery and is establishing a framework for compliance. In fiscal 2015, the implementation status of this framework was inspected globally and the necessary corrections made in order to comply with the Anti-bribery Guideline formulated in the previous fiscal year.

Thoroughgoing export control

The Toyota Boshoku group promotes activities in line with the Export Compliance Programme (Export CP) in order to appropriately implement security export control aimed at maintaining international peace and safety.