Confidentiality and information
security management

The Toyota Boshoku group considers the appropriate management of confidential information to be an important element of our business activities. We seek optimal systems and frameworks for managing confidential information in order to pursue sound corporate activities.

Strengthening organisation for security and enhancing basic conduct

The Toyota Boshoku group created a global confidentiality management system to conduct confidentiality and information security management. At Toyota Boshoku, in addition to strengthening activities in conjunction with respective functional divisions, we have assigned a person responsible for confidentiality management and a person in charge of confidentiality management within each division who can ascertain the weaknesses in each workplace through on-site discussion. We are looking into measures to mitigate confidentiality risk and are working to make ameliorations and improvements. In regions outside Japan, RM&CH undertook self-inspections using confidentiality risk standards that match the characteristics of each region and we deployed in sequence measures to resolve weak points at each site within a region.

In fiscal 2015, we promoted activities to strengthen and improve our framework by making a list of confidentiality-related risks on a Toyota Boshoku group basis and worked to expand and enhance education and awareness-raising efforts for each member.