Intellectual property management

The Toyota Boshoku group respects the intellectual property of third parties and appropriately values its own intellectual property, which is viewed as a key management asset essential for global business development. We continuously work to enhance the protection and utilisation of our intellectual property.

Aiming to strengthen patent application system

The Toyota Boshoku group promotes initiatives to increase the number of patent applications befitting the scale of business as well as their quality. In this respect, we are working to boost motivation toward the creation of inventions as well as vitalise application activities through managing targets for the number of patent applications by each technical division, in-house training and the patent compensation system, as well as patent application support activities from the intellectual property department. Particularly in recent years, we are promoting application activities in Europe and the United States as well as in the China region and emerging countries in response to the globalisation of business activities.

Number of patent applications

Number of patent applications

n order to protect our intellectual property rights and prevent infringement of other companies’ rights, in addition to enlightenment mainly by providing information to designers on other companies’ patents that they should bear in mind, we also incorporated patent assurance activities into project development processes as a means of promoting initiatives to prevent the infringement of other companies’ rights in each project.

In fiscal 2016, we will assign a person to promote patents in each division of Toyota Boshoku and clarify their roles, and work to strengthen cooperation between the intellectual property department and respective divisions.