The Toyota Boshoku group states in its corporate philosophy that the Company will seek to promote corporate growth while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Thorough compliance awareness and system creation

The Toyota Boshoku group clarifies its overall promotion system, scope of activities and goals for compliance in each region, including Japan, and conducts activities under strong leadership from top management based on a global policy. The Company continuously convened meetings with Regional Management & Collaboration Hubs (RM&CH) to enhance cooperation and thereby improve and strengthen compliance activities globally.

Personnel in charge of legal affairs in each region shared knowledge of issues at regular intervals through such means as the Global Legal Conference. This served to promote mutual understanding and deepen cooperation between regions as well as reinforce the implementation of global compliance activities.

Thorough compliance awareness and system creation
The Global Legal Conference aids in resolving issues and deepens mutual understanding in each region.

Education and awareness raising

The Global Legal Conference aids in resolving issues and deepens mutual understanding in each region. Toyota Boshoku has developed a training system for compliance that includes such core topics as antitrust law and anti-bribery and is also working to ensure that all company members, including new hires and members who were promoted, can acquire the necessary knowledge regarding compliance. Personnel in charge of legal affairs from the Legal Division at Toyota Boshoku and RM&CH conduct workshops in Regional CSR Committees in consideration of the conditions of each country and each region.

Initiatives regarding Corporate Ethics Month

Every year, the Toyota Boshoku group holds Toyota Boshoku group Corporate Ethics Month on a global basis with full participation by members. During this month, efforts are made to enhance ethics awareness through various initiatives such as confirming our corporate philosophy and reviewing members’ behaviour internally and externally.

In fiscal 2015, Toyota Boshoku released a management message stating that it would prioritise compliance. Workplace discussions were also held based on the theme of confirming compliance in the workplace.

Initiatives regarding Corporate Ethics Month
Workplace discussion (TB Sewtech De Mexico)

Number of participants in workplace discussions

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Considerations for human rights

Measures regarding basic matters such as respect for human rights have become essential in conjunction with global business activities. At the Toyota Boshoku group, we are working to raise members’ awareness through various training related to our corporate philosophy and monthly activities in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations as well as co-existence with local communities by respecting various cultures, values and individuality.

Global development of List of Legal Risk

The Toyota Boshoku group is clarifying legal risks with regard to specific legal matters that need to be complied with as they relate to the various activities of the group. Based on this, efforts are being made to review and evaluate legal matters, correct areas of inadequacy and enhance compliance. In fiscal 2015, the Company, led by RM&CH, worked to enhance a list of fields relating to labour laws in all regions outside Japan.

Enhancing consultation and whistle-blowing system

The Anything Goes Counseling Office has been set up internally as well as a reporting contact at a designated law firm externally to establish an environment in which members from group companies in Japan can easily seek advice without fear of reprisal. Members can seek consultation or report issues concerning such matters as workplace problems, legal violations and internal misconduct. Initiatives are also being pursued to establish a whistle-blowing system in regions outside Japan in order to develop a global system.