CSR Social Activities

Together with Shareholders and Investors

The Toyota Boshoku group actively promotes efforts to disclose information and communicate in an appropriate and timely manner so as to earn the trust and support of shareholders and investors.

Enhancement of Corporate Value and Reinforcement of Information Disclosure

The Toyota Boshoku group has stated in our disclosure policy that we are committed to “disclosing information required by shareholders, investors, business partners and local communities in a timely and appropriate manner as well as to carrying out public information-sharing activities that earn the trust of society.” In this sense, we are striving to disclose information in an accurate, timely and fair manner. In order to ensure the appropriate disclosure of information, we strictly manage corporate information and are working actively on disclosure in the Information Disclosure Committee, which is comprised of members from Toyota Boshoku’s External Affairs & Public Relations Division, Accounting & Finance Division, Legal Division and the Corporate Planning Division.

Distribution of profits to shareholders

Business results for fiscal 2016 are shown on Financial Highlights.
In continuing to place priority on providing shareholders with long-term stable dividends, annual cash dividends of 50 yen per share were paid for the current fiscal year.
We will aim to gradually increase the dividend payout ratio to 30% by fiscal 2020.

Briefings for shareholders and investors

The Toyota Boshoku group regularly holds results briefings with the Company president and executive officers in order to aid analysts and institutional investors in understanding Toyota Boshoku’s financial situation and business strategies. In addition to interim and year-end briefings, we have also been holding briefings in the first and third quarters since fiscal 2016. Moreover, we are actively pursuing communication with shareholders and investors through various occasions, including individual meetings with management as part of conferences for institutional investors and corporate information sessions for individual investors.
In addition, we held tours of plants and facilities outside Japan with the aim of furthering understanding of the Toyota Boshoku group’s business activities among investors.

IR result briefings (Tokyo)
IR result briefings (Tokyo)

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and plant tours for shareholders

Some 338 shareholders attended the 91st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for fiscal 2016. In addition, we hold tours of our plants and facilities to deepen understanding of the Toyota Boshoku group among shareholders. We showed around 74 people the processes for seats, door trim and other products and maintenance and development site for young members at our Sanage Plant and Technical Skills Training Centre on the day of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Plant tours for shareholders (Technical Skills Training Centre)
Plant tours for shareholders
(Technical Skills Training Centre)

Disseminating information through our website

The Toyota Boshoku group posts important information in a timely manner on our website including an introduction of our business, press releases and financial results briefing materials.
We also started posting videos (Japanese and English) of interim and year-end financial briefings in fiscal 2016. In addition, we are working to enhance our information disclosure items in English on our global website as a means to further deepen understanding of the Toyota Boshoku group among shareholders and investors worldwide, which includes releasing an English version of Notice of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (Summary) and enhancing financial information.