Promoting safety and health and health building

The Toyota Boshoku group implements safety and health activities as labour-management cooperative efforts under a Basic Safety and Health Policy in order to establish a corporate culture that places a priority on safety and health at work.

Basic Safety and Health Policy

In order to establish a corporate culture of safety first, we declare that we will not produce, handle, transport or dispose of products or materials unless people's safety, health and environment are protected.

Safety Vision

We will pursue family-oriented fine customs as the root of the Toyota Group's founding and strive as one globally to ensure a culture of safety with zero accidents by providing safe interior vehicle spaces at a world-class level that satisfy all customers.

Creation of global management of occupational safety and health activities

Creating a safe work environment is a priority issue for companies and local communities. With this in mind, the Toyota Boshoku group works to enhance safety and health at work through activities based on an Occupation Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS).

Toyota Boshoku has incorporated operating rules into internal safety and health standards and expanded these standards to all work sites, including administrative and technical groups. The aim is to promote the building of a culture of safety by evaluating initiatives based on the results of audits and eliminating weaknesses and other measures. In addition, we made a handbook (Japanese and English versions) of safety standards that should be shared throughout the group and distributed it to members in all regions.

In fiscal 2015, we clarified inspection requirements for STOP6*1 ,such as being caught and being pulled in equipment or coming in contact with heavy objects, and conducted safety inspections to create workplaces where there are absolutely no major accidents (fatalities). We also took steps to establish risk assessment procedures worldwide.

*1 S:Safety T: Toyota O: 0 (Zero Accident) P: Project 6: 6 items (Being caught in machines, coming in contact with heavy objects, coming in contact with vehicles, falling, electrocution and coming in contact with heated objects)

Efforts to build a mutually enlightened culture of safety

The Toyota Boshoku group promotes health and safety activities aimed at achieving zero industrial accidents. We also systemise our safety education programme and conduct education locally through Toyota Boshoku persons in charge in each region in order to create and establish a mutually enlightened culture of safety. During Global Week*2 held in April each year, a global safety conference is conducted with participation by management from all regions to advance human resources development worldwide aimed at eliminating major accidents.

Safety awareness survey by interactive questionnaire
Safety awareness survey by interactive questionnaire

In fiscal 2015, we started activities to raise the level of our safety management system based on survey findings in The Americas region. We received outside consulting and aim to build up a system of continual improvement befitting regional culture and customs, and create an even more advanced and mutually enlightened culture of safety.

*2 A week in which executive officers, division general managers, site managers and representatives from other entities gather together for discussions as a group in a way that transcends regional and functional frameworks

Rate of lost work time injuries

Promoting healthy human resources and instilling a culture of health

The Toyota Boshoku group is taking steps to ensure the health of all company members and to create and instill a culture of health so that everyone can be healthy and energetic, both mentally and physically, not only while they are working but also after retirement.

To achieve this, we are supporting the health of all members from both physical and mental perspectives through an integrated system of industrial physicians and staff promoting health.

Conducting health checks for all members

We are undertaking activities toward the implementation of health checks for 100% of members in all regions, not just those regions where checks are mandatory by law, so that all Toyota Boshoku group members can receive health checks.