Promotion of human resources development

The Toyota Boshoku group aims to ensure that all company members in many parts of the world understand and implement the values, stance and action outlined in the TB Way. Meeting challenges, continuously carrying out kaizen, practicing genchi-genbutsu (Go, see & study), respecting individuality, pursuing the root cause and ensuring implementation from start to finish are also part of the TB Way.

Nurturing of global leaders

The Toyota Boshoku group nurtures managementoriented human resources that can be active globally, transcending country and business entity barriers, and is working to create an appealing company that attracts exceptional people from around the world.

In fiscal 2015, we launched a Regional Succession Committee in each region that devised and implemented a management-oriented human resources development plan for the future. We also continue to provide Global Leader Training, a special education programme as part of our efforts to identify and develop candidates for global leaders.

Global leader training
Global leader training

Global development of human resources training programme

In order to foster human resources who learn the philosophy, work style and capabilities of the Toyota Boshoku group and who can work across borders, irrespective of location around the world, we are working to develop people (Master Trainers) in each region who can teach educational content GCC* that should be learned by all members throughout the Toyota Boshoku group.

Additionally, skill-up training has been provided to Master Trainers who are active in each region in an effort to firmly establish and further enhance GCC. A short-term (1-2 years) personnel transfer system (Global Trainee System) is also actively being implemented within the Toyota Boshoku group so that members attain a more global outlook as well as foreign language ability by experiencing work in a different country.

* Global Core Contents: TB Way, Problem solving, OJT / OJD, Hoshin Kanri (Policy management)

Strengthen global deployment of GCC
Strengthen global deployment of GCC

Specialised skills related education

Toyota Boshoku uses its Technical Skills Development Promotion Division as a centre for enhancing and passing on manufacturing skills globally. Here, we are working to “foster exceptional supervisors,” “establish excellent manufacturing skills,” “strengthen maintenance skills,” “nurture human resources who can act with appropriate levels of safety” and “nurture core young human resources” in order to develop human resources and enhance workplace capabilities to enable the highest levels in terms of safety, quality and delivery.

In terms of fostering exceptional supervisors, we conduct training for such members globally as well as promote creating an environment in which each region can implement basic skills training and Maintenance Training on their own. As an example, in the China region, unique training has been conducted that also makes use of the Technical Skills Training Centre, which includes specialist training on sewing machines and sewing techniques. In addition, we will provide logistics and engineering training from fiscal 2016 for members scheduled for dispatch and engineering staff at plants in response to growing needs to learn basic knowledge related to production management and logistics in regions outside Japan.

In terms of establishing excellent manufacturing skills, we make sure that our members are highly skilled by way of basic skills training, Karakuri Training courses on techniques to drive precision workmanship and mechanisms using threads, springs and hydraulic power, and taking part in Worldskills Competitions and the All TB Skills Competition.

The Karakuri Training that started in fiscal 2015 will be segmented in terms of content from fiscal 2016 with the aim of promoting implementation and further enhancing workplace competencies. We are expanding and enhancing the training so that more members gain an insight into and learn from karakuri improvements.

A total of 208 members, including 47 participants from 15 countries outside Japan, pitted their manufacturing skills against one another in the All TB Skills Competition for fiscal 2015.

In terms of strengthening maintenance skills, we are striving to improve these skills through 33 short courses for specialised skills such as mechanical systems, electrical systems and mould maintenance, as well as by making use of Maintenance Training comprising from two weeks to three months in accordance with needs.

n terms of nurturing human resources who can act with appropriate levels of safety, we are working to enhance company members’ sensitivity toward risks at the Safety Sensation Dojo (Simulated Accident Dojo) and develop members capable of taking appropriate levels of safety on their own.

In addition, at the Toyota Boshoku Technical Skills Academy, we promote the development of young members who are balanced in “mind, body and spirit” and capable of operating at a global level and who will be core to the organisation. In 2016, we started accepting students for the academy from outside Japan for the first time and currently one young member from Taiwan is learning with the other members.