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Establishment of a System to Support a Spirit to Boldly Challenge and Exert Capabilities to the Fullest

The Toyota Boshoku group, which boasts members with a wide range of ideas and strengths, believes that further promoting diversity is key to corporate growth.
We respect diversity in terms of the individuality and capabilities of each individual and work to create an environment where members can continue to work in a vibrant manner by encouraging them to take initiative so that everyone can exert their full potential.

Creating a Global HR Platform Supporting Global Consolidated Management

As one way to build foundations supporting global consolidated management, the Toyota Boshoku group is striving to create a Global HR Platform that serves as a common and fair personnel system worldwide for all members based on the TB Way.
A common personnel system for General Managers and Assistant General Managers worldwide was already introduced in 2013 to recruit and foster global leaders. Managers worldwide were also qualified in April 2017.
The new system, scheduled for introduction in fiscal 2018, will be expanded to all Toyota Boshoku group members. We intend to make a Hybrid-type system that adds the good points of global standards for positions that realise fairness in conditions (equal labour, equal pay) centred on degree of difficulty and responsibility to our competency standards, in which we promote human resources development based on individual skills.
By maximising individual capabilities and having the right person in the right place globally, we can optimise the workplace capabilities of the Toyota Boshoku group.

HR management standard Toyota Boshoku aims for

Respecting Diverse Careers and Work Styles

Based on the keywords diversity and synergy, the Toyota Boshoku group respects the diverse values, career ambitions and work styles of all 50,000 members worldwide and works to create a system enabling the individual to choose the way he or she contributes to the company.
As an example, we will look into a framework that permits the individual to select the area of work (global, specific region, no transfers) depending on career path and lifestyle and befitting individuality and capabilities.
In addition, we will establish a system of recruitment, evaluation and work conditions for human resources with special talents and sophisticated expertise or skills, and create an environment in which innovative people who generate new added value can work.

Respecting Diversity

We are working to establish an environment in which anyone can take on challenges at anytime irrespective of nationality, age, gender or physical/mental disability.

Promoting active roles for female members

In addition to the active recruitment of female members, Toyota Boshoku has formulated a plan to develop individual females for managerial positions based on a voluntary action plan* to encourage female members to play more active roles.
Also, we help raise awareness of these matters among women and managers and encourage women’s career development. We are striving to set up work-friendly processes appropriate to female members with specialised skills.

* Toyota Boshoku aims to increase the number of women in managerial roles by two-fold in 2020 and five-fold in 2030 compared with 2014.

Encouraging employment of persons with disabilities

Toyota Boshoku is creating an environment that is easy to work in for members with disabilities and is actively seeking to employ such persons. This includes creating work-friendly processes, expanding the number of assistants per site and barrier-free facilities, and identifying new workplaces in which members with disabilities can work vibrantly.

Employment rate of persons with disabilities [Toyota Boshoku]
Fiscal year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Employment rate of persons with disabilities (%) 1.75 1.85 1.89 1.90 2.04