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Specialised Skills Related Education

The Toyota Boshoku group enhances and passes on manufacturing skills globally. We are working to foster exceptional supervisors, establish excellent manufacturing skills, strengthen maintenance skills, develop members who always work safely and nurture core young human resources in order to develop human resources to enable the highest levels of safety, quality and delivery, as well as enhance on on-site competency.

Fostering Exceptional Supervisors

The Toyota Boshoku group conducts training for supervisors globally as well as promote the creation of an environment in which each region can implement basic skills training and maintenance training on their own.

Establishing Excellent Manufacturing Skills

As part of Karakuri training, Toyota Boshoku welcomed trainees from countries outside Japan and introduced Karakuri KAIZEN® globally. In fiscal 2016, the Sanage Manufacturing Division won the Good Idea Award in the Karakuri KAIZEN Exhibition 2016. In the All TB Skills Competition, 210 participants, including suppliers, from 16 countries came together to compete with each other and demonstrate their skills.

Understanding the framework behind karakuri
Understanding the framework behind karakuri

Strengthening Maintenance Skills

The Toyota Boshoku group is striving to improve these skills through short courses for specialised skills such as mechanical systems, electrical systems and mould and die maintenance. We are also working to develop maintenance training in accordance with needs.

Developing Members Who Always Work Safely

In the Safety Sensation Dojo (simulated accident dojo), we work to prevent accidents by enhancing members’ sensitivity toward risks in order to achieve zero industrial accidents. Recently, we introduced equipment to demonstrate the risks and dangers of explosions.

Toyota Boshoku Technical Skills Academy

Toyota Boshoku promotes the development of young members in mind, body and spirit who will be able to operate on a global level and will become core members of the organisation. In fiscal 2017, we once again have a young member from Taiwan learning with other Technical Skills Academy members.