Creating workplace environment where members can work with trust in the company

The Toyota Boshoku group has codified its corporate philosophy and set of values to be shared by each member in the TB Way. Each member endeavours to create a bright, enjoyable and motivating work environment so that we can maximise diverse individuality and everyone can work to his or her full potential and satisfaction.

Basic concept of Human Resources Management(HRM)
Basic concept of Human Resources Management(HRM)

Building relations of mutual trust and responsibility between labour and management

The Toyota Boshoku group believes that the Company’s continuous progress results in the greater satisfaction of members. We aim to foster labour-management relations built on mutual trust, in which everyone is working to fulfil their responsibilities for a more prosperous society.

Mutual understanding through proper communication

The Toyota Boshoku group is taking steps to create good labourmanagement relations. We are deepening mutual understanding and trust through such occasions as labour-management round-table discussions. Additionally, labour and management utilise various committees and sub-committees to discuss a wide range of topics, including pay, welfare and benefits, work policies, production and safety, and are striving to create a safe, motivating workplace. We also conduct a survey for members that focuses on morals, with the results reflected in corporate policy.

Stable employment with fair and honest evaluations and working conditions

Labour and management constantly exchange opinions through such occasions as the Labour-Management Council in an effort to ensure stable employment in which layoffs are duly given careful consideration and to maintain and steadily improve working conditions from a mid- and long-term perspective. In addition, we promote the development of human resources by conducting evaluations that use standards reflecting Toyota Boshoku’s values and also implement fair and honest policies for all members.

Secure and foster the most appropriate human resources

Our recruitment activities are based on a medium- to long-term plan that takes into account such aspects as the current composition of members, management strategy and environment changes with the aim of securing the most appropriate human resources globally. We endeavour to recruit diverse human resources and deploy our human resources development policies on a global scale.