CSR Social Activities

Realising Our Desired Status of Being “Full of Vibrancy”

Based on respect for human rights and relations of mutual trust and responsibility between labour and management, the Toyota Boshoku group aims to have all company members working in different countries and regions feel like they are “One Team,” work with pride and dreams, enjoy work and like coming to the workplace. In other words, we aim to realise a workplace that is “full of vibrancy,” as stated in our Vision. To achieve this, three elements are indispensable: (1) individual motivation and decisions are respected; (2) one can feel a sense of achievement and development through work; and (3) mental and physical health is maintained. We would like to establish conditions like this and foster a corporate culture that encourages company members to boldly take on challenges and create innovation.

Basic concept of Human Resources Management (HRM)

Full Respect for Human Rights

The Toyota Boshoku group strives to ensure that the individuality and humanity of our members is respected in accordance with our corporate philosophy to be shared by each member and the TB Way, which express the values and behavioural principles. We do not advocate discrimination, defamation or other such improper conduct based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion, disability, sickness or injury. At the same time, we strictly respect the laws and social regulations of other countries and regions, as well as forbid the use of child or forced labour.

Stable Employment with Fair and Honest Evaluations and Working Conditions

Based on a good labour-management relationship, labour and management constantly exchange opinions through such occasions as the Labour-Management Council and work to fulfil respective responsibilities in an effort to ensure stable employment in which layoffs are duly given careful consideration and to maintain and steadily improve working conditions from a mid- and long-term perspective.
In addition, Toyota Boshoku promotes the development of human resources by conducting evaluations that use standards reflecting our core values and also provide fair and honest conditions for all members.