Respecting diversity

The Toyota Boshoku group respects the individuality and capabilities of each individual since promoting diversity is key to corporate growth. With this in mind, we are working to provide a work environment where members can continue to work with enthusiasm by minimising limitations in work so that everyone can exert their full potential. Although history, culture, laws and social customs differ by country or region, all members, understand that fundamental philosophies are shared and constant and thus act in accordance with this basic idea.

Galvanising global human resources

The Toyota Boshoku group works to enhance the global awareness of members and recruits exceptional and talented human resources irrespective of nationality. We formulated basic rules concerning conditions for transferring across countries and regions as the Global Mobility Policy and we are looking to permeate and firmly establish this system in each region in order to further promote the exchange of global human resources.

Encouraging employment of persons with disabilities

Toyota Boshoku and Japan affiliates are working to create an environment that is easy to work in for members with disabilities so they can play active roles in different positions at the Toyota Boshoku group. This includes increasing the number of workplaces employing persons with disabilities, expanding the number of assistants per site and barrier-free facilities, and identifying new workplaces in which members with disabilities can take on active roles. Going forward, we will strengthen initiatives aimed at achieving the statutory 2.0% employment rate of persons with disabilities.

Employment rate of persons with disabilities [Toyota Boshoku]
Fiscal year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Employment rate of persons with disabilities (%) 117 106 133 140 163

Promoting active roles for female members

The Toyota Boshoku group actively takes steps to empower women in the workplace. Examples include training to promote a change in awareness among women and management, formulating a mediumterm career plan for each individual and preparing development plans for women as assistant managers based on a voluntary action plan* to encourage more active roles among female members at work that was formulated in fiscal 2014.

* Toyota Boshoku aims to increase the number of women in managerial roles by two-fold in 2020 and five-fold in 2030 compared with 2014.

Supporting the balance of work and childcare/ nursing care

Toyota Boshoku has abolished non-scheduled working hours and introduced a nursing care leave system while creating a workplace environment that encourages people to use these systems.
From fiscal 2016, we expanded application of a flexible schedule system to members on shortened work hours. This has enabled more diverse work styles. The Company operates group day nursery and day care centres on premises as well as infant day care centres for members in cooperation with five Toyota Group companies. These and other initiatives support the balance of work and childcare / nursing care.