CSR Social Activities

Together with Company Members

As stated in our Vision, Toyota Boshoku’s ideal status is to have “resourceful and multi-talented human resources drawn by the appeal of the Toyota Boshoku group, with members working enthusiastically in all regions worldwide.”

  • Realising Our Desired Status of Being “Full of Vibrancy”

    Based on respect for human rights and relations of mutual trust and responsibility between labour and management, the Toyota Boshoku group aims to have all company members working in different countries and regions feel like they are “One Team,” work with pride and dreams, enjoy work and like coming to the workplace. In other words, we aim to realise a workplace that is “full of vibrancy,” as stated in our Vision.

  • Optimising Assignment of Human Resources from a Medium-term and Global Perspective

    A key challenge is to secure human resources in order to operate on a global level. The Toyota Boshoku group always visualises the quality and number of human resources required for business and creates a framework for realising optimum recruitment and allocation of human resources from a global perspective that will support the achievement of our growth strategy.

  • Establishment of a System to Support a Spirit to Boldly Challenge and Exert Capabilities to the Fullest

    The Toyota Boshoku group, which boasts members with a wide range of ideas and strengths, believes that further promoting diversity is key to corporate growth. We respect diversity in terms of the individuality and capabilities of each individual and work to create an environment where members can continue to work in a vibrant manner by encouraging them to take initiative so that everyone can exert their full potential.

  • Promoting “Innovation of Vibrant Work Styles”

    One of our biggest challenges is to fundamentally change the corporate climate and culture of the Toyota Boshoku group. Through such reform, we aim to build a positive and fun workplace that elicits members’ motivation and stimulates autonomous kaizen. We believe that such a workplace environment leads to the improvement of productivity and strengthens competitiveness.

  • Specialised Skills Related Education

    The Toyota Boshoku group enhances and passes on manufacturing skills globally. We are working to foster exceptional supervisors, establish excellent manufacturing skills, strengthen maintenance skills, develop members who always work safely and nurture core young human resources in order to develop human resources to enable the highest levels of safety, quality and delivery, as well as enhance on on-site competency.

  • Promoting Safety and Health Culture

    The Toyota Boshoku group implements safety and health activities as labour-management cooperative efforts under a Basic Safety and Health policy in order to establish a corporate culture that places a priority on safety and health at work.