Together with Company Members

Motivated and vibrant workers lead to growth of the individual and growth of the entire company. We are seeking to create a company in which everyone feels encouraged by increasing the quality of communication between supervisors and subordinates and pursuing challenges and making improvements.

  • Creating workplace environment where members can work with trust in the company

    The Toyota Boshoku group has codified its corporate philosophy and set of values to be shared by each member in the TB Way. Each member endeavours to create a bright, enjoyable and motivating work environment so that we can maximise diverse individuality and everyone can work to his or her full potential and satisfaction.

  • Full respect for human rights

    The Toyota Boshoku group strives to ensure that the individuality and humanity of our members is respected in accordance with our corporate philosophy and the TB Way.

  • Respecting diversity

    The Toyota Boshoku group respects the individuality and capabilities of each individual since promoting diversity is key to corporate growth. With this in mind, we are working to provide a work environment where members can continue to work with enthusiasm by minimising limitations in work so that everyone can exert their full potential. Although history, culture, laws and social customs differ by country or region, all members, understand that fundamental philosophies are shared and constant and thus act in accordance with this basic idea.

  • Promotion of human resources development

    The Toyota Boshoku group aims to ensure that all company members in many parts of the world understand and implement the values, stance and action outlined in the TB Way. Meeting challenges, continuously carrying out kaizen, practicing genchi-genbutsu (Go, see & study), respecting individuality, pursuing the root cause and ensuring implementation from start to finish are also part of the TB Way.

  • Promoting safety and health and health building

    The Toyota Boshoku group implements safety and health activities as labour-management cooperative efforts under a Basic Safety and Health Policy in order to establish a corporate culture that places a priority on safety and health at work.