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Challenge of achieving zero wastewater in production processes by water recycling

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group recycles wastewater generated in the production process and is developing water-less processes with the aim of achieving zero wastewater. Efforts are also being made to reduce water consumption by using rainwater as part of the water supply. The Company contributes to energy conservation through cooling and circulating water purification systems using proprietary filtration technologies.

Development of water environment ecology technology systems (Weets) for plants worldwide

Toyota Boshoku develops cooling and circulating water purification systems for moulds and cooling towers. These systems serve to significantly reduce water consumption by recycling water used to cool and clean equipment. In addition, a newly developed water conditioner can prevent and remove scale that adheres to metal cooling pipes. There are high expectations for use in conserving energy and water since the systems can cool inside moulds and dies in a uniform manner and reduce mould yield caused by insufficient cooling while rendering unnecessary the cleaning of the inside of the pipes. These systems have been introduced at 13 Toyota Boshoku group sites already with plans to systematically introduce them to more locations going forward. We are also looking at commercialising the systems for general sale.

Cooling and circulating water purification systems for moulds and cooling towers

Removing scale from inside metal cooling pipes