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Challenge of minimising wastes produced

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group verifies activities to reduce waste at each plant and deploys best practices across the organisation such as reducing the defect rate and enhancing the recycling rate for components. We are also working on design and production preparations that realise a reduction in material loss rate.

Achieve 100% in-process recycling in the door trim process

Sanage Plant in Toyota Boshoku has promoted in-process recycling for runners which are generated during manufacturing in the door trim manufacturing process. In the previous processes, there were materials which could not be completely recycled. However, by reviewing the process and installing new recycling equipment, we succeeded in achieving 100% in-process recycling. These activities also reduced the amount of newly-purchased materials usage and decreased the number of processes, thus conserving energy. Moving forward, we will aim our efforts at similar manufacturing processes and aim for 100% in-process recycling.