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Challenge of minimising wastes produced

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group verifies activities to reduce waste at each plant and deploys best practices across the organisation such as reducing the defect rate and enhancing the recycling rate for components. We are also working on design and production preparations that realise a reduction in material loss rate.

Reducing sludge waste

In the bumper painting process at the Gifu Plant, wastewater containing paint scum is kept in a water tank during the painting process and the scum is removed using a pump. Previously, a chemical agent was used once a year to discard paint scum that couldn’t be removed before it turned to sludge, but this method was deemed inefficient. Accordingly, a new system was introduced using a pump to supply fine air bubbles to the water tank so that leftover paint scum floats to the surface and can be effectively separated. As a result, the recovery rate of paint scum is expected to increase to 75%, contributing to a reduction in sludge waste.