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Challenge of planting 1.32 million trees as part of reforestation activities

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group is working to protect biodiversity with a focus on reforestation based on the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity. Since fiscal 2016, the Company has participated in the Green Wave Project*, an activity being implemented by the Toyota Group. The sphere of activities of the project has been expanded to include group companies, local communities and government in an effort to promote reforestation.
* Activities in harmony with nature that link communities such as reforestation at a factory and preservation of the surrounding environment

Number of trees by 2050


Toyota Boshoku’s reforestation activities

The Toyota Boshoku group’s reforestation activities have spread around the world. Tree-planting efforts continued in fiscal 2018 in each region. As a result, a total of 30,327 trees were planted in fiscal 2018, far exceeding the target of 16,000.

Participation in Green Wave Project

With the aim of creating a society that is in harmony with nature, Toyota Boshoku has been taking part in the Green Wave Project being promoted by the Toyota Group since fiscal 2016. In fiscal 2018, we undertook waterway protection and forest management activities to maintain a bamboo grove along the Yahagi River (Toyota-shi, Aichi). In addition to activities being implemented by Toyota Boshoku, we will continue to actively participate in the activities of the Toyota Group in order to widen the scope of our biodiversity protection activities.

Creating an environment in which it is easier for animals to live by thinning a bamboo grove covering the riverbed area