CSR Social Activities

Establishment of Symbiotic Society (Biodiversity)

The Toyota Boshoku group formulated the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity and is implementing activities to protect richness in biodiversity in order to realise a society in harmony with nature. Based on this policy, we promote activities aimed at protecting biodiversity such as reforestation activities.

Reforestation Activities / Biodiversity Protection Activities

Toyota Boshoku has set the lofty “Challenge of planting 1.32 million trees as part of reforestation activities” from a long-term perspective as part of the 2050 Environmental Vision in order to curb depletion of the world’s forests, protect living forests and contribute to the restoration of rich habitats and plant trees that suit the land and contribute to the protection of endemic species’ local habitats.

Toyota Boshoku’s reforestation activities

Toyota Boshoku promotes reforestation activities based on the concept of Nurturing Nature, the third point of the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity, and to date, the group has planted approximately 356,000 trees over an area of 365 hectares, with proven results in each region.
Reforestation efforts continued in fiscal 2016 in each region to connect children of the future with the bounty provided by forests and biodiversity. As a result, a total of 16,000 trees were planted in fiscal 2016, far exceeding the target of 7,000.

All Toyota Green Wave Project

Toyota Boshoku participates in the Green Wave Project, an activity being implemented by all of Toyota since fiscal 2015 with the aim of creating a society that is in harmony with nature. The project entails activities to connect communities toward harmony with nature with the aim to contribute to restoration and enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystems.
The project was continued in fiscal 2016 and incorporated participation in integrated events that connected all of the activities by all of Toyota and a trend survey that included visualisation of natural capital*.
Going forward, we will expand these activities throughout the Toyota Boshoku group to increase the scope of reforestation and protection for biodiversity for both all Toyota and Toyota Boshoku group activities.

* Capital formed through nature such as forests, soil, water, air and living resources
This approach treats the natural environment as one of the most important aspects of capital supporting life and the management foundations of a company.