Reduction of the Use of Substances with Environmental Impact and Carrying Out Social Activities in Co-Existence with the Natural Environment

The Toyota Boshoku group clearly identifies global trends in environmental laws and regulations and promotes activities to reduce substances with environmental impact in both products and production. We also formulated the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity and are implementing activities to protect biodiversity based on this policy in order to realise a society in harmony with nature.

Development through to production

Creating a management system for chemical substances

The Toyota Boshoku group is taking steps to manage chemical substances in all business activities from development and design to production and packaging.

* Mass-produced product

Activities to reduce emissions of chemical substances

We are undertaking activities to reduce the amount of Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) substances and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) used and emitted from plants. This includes minimising areas to be coated and reducing the incidence of recoating by revising the mould release agent coating method and reducing the consumption of coating material by improving the cleaning method.

As a result, we achieved our target of 178t of PRTR substances with a result of 166t and our target of 596t of VOC with a result of 497t.

Co-existence with nature

The Toyota Boshoku group conducts activities aimed at protecting biodiversity based on the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity (refer to reforestation activities based on “3. Nurturing nature”).

In addition, we have expanded our traditional reforestation activities and are pouring further efforts into a global programme that takes advantage of the Toyota Boshoku group’s network. By protecting forest ecology through forest preservation, we can also protect biodiversity.