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Challenge of minimising natural resources usage

Basic approach

The Toyota Boshoku group is pushing ahead with the promotion of readily disassemblable and recyclable design, the development of technologies for material recycling and the replacement of materials with a range of plant-derived materials in an effort to help curb the depletion of fossil fuels and minerals.

Development and transition of products using plant-derived materials

Kenaf is an annual grass that grows quickly and has high CO2 absorption capabilities. The Toyota Boshoku group turned its attention to kenaf early on and has been working to develop products using kenaf since the latter part of the 1990s. Kenaf fibres were first used in the base material for door trim for the Celsior in 2000. Since then, it has been employed in more models and used for different applications. In 2012, it was employed in an air cleaner case, which is an engine-related part. In addition, adding in microcapsules to the conventional kenaf base material led to a light weight that is world class and the development of high rigidity natural fibre base material. It has been used in the base material for the door trim of the LEXUS LS launched into market in 2017.