Corporate Information

Identity and Features

Combining the Identity of Toyota Boshoku to Create
Unique Value for the Toyota Boshoku Group

HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D” support the business activities that help the Toyota Boshoku group create value. Over the years, we have poured efforts into HITOZUKURI and MONOZUKURI from the customer’s perspective based on the belief that manufacturing forms an integral part of human resources development. One feature of our products is that users touch them directly. That’s why we always keep people in mind during MONOZUKURI as a way to connect with them and produce items that we know they will feel affection for. Based on this kind of MONOZUKURI, we will leverage our advanced R&D to continue providing comfort value.


We will combine and maximise the capabilities of our 50,000 members worldwide to ensure that our “HITOZUKURI” supports us over the next 100 years.

Transfer our sense of value

  • Culture to thrive with diversity, learn together and progress together
  • Teamwork to challenge with united effort honestly and conscientiously
  • Aggressive challenging spirit leading to satisfying work

*1 Total Quality Management activities refer to activities aimed at increasing customer creativity and satisfaction while enhancing the vitality of people and the organisation based on the basic philosophies of “customer first,” “full-member participation” and “continuously carrying out kaizen” to ensure flexible and resilient corporate quality.
*2 This award recognises achievements made in areas deemed challenging against individual goals that have been set (twice a year) as a means to accomplish policy. The objective is to create a workplace culture that encourages people to take on bold challenges without fear of failure and to support others in their efforts.


Our “MONOZUKURI” over the past 100 years has created an affection for our products that is based on trust and assurance.

We must have a Customer First philosophy
We should have a challenging spirit for advanced engineering and processing technologies

  • Awareness of “B to B to C” to be trusted and chosen by customers (Customer perspective)
  • Human-centered Monozukuri (Manufacturing and craftsmanship)
  • A combination of high-quality, low-cost products and leading-edge technology for the next century (AI and Robotics)
Examples of initiatives

*3 This refers to the creation of production network foundations promoted by Toyota Boshoku, which includes visualisation of production conditions and indication management.
*4 The aim of this is to strengthen structure mainly by evaluating daily management of plants in such areas as personnel, systems and management and making improvements through genchi-genbutsu (Go, see and study) in an effort to promote the independence of plants.
*5 This is a place for learning the importance of quality first from the customer’s perspective based on examples of past failures.


Our “R&D” is in pursuit of comfort in mobility spaces with a basis in safety and the environment.

  • Insatiable curiosity and inquisitive mind at the vanguard of the times
  • Global collaboration to achieve a lofty goal
  • Pursue with passion and a sense of mission
  • Overcome environmental and energy challenges via R&D solutions
Examples of initiatives
  • Seats and interior components installed in the new LEXUS LS
  • Aircraft seats that comply with new standards
  • Front seat frames developed based on the TNGA*6 concept
  • Lightweight moulded foam door trim with high impact resistance
  • Development of rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Development of water environment ecology technology systems (Weets)
  • Agreement on comprehensive promotion of industrial-academic collaboration with Kanazawa University
  • Technical Advisory Board*7
Develop time and space that provides a new value of experience.

*6 Toyota New Global Architecture is an initiative by Toyota Motor Corporation directed toward structural reform of automobile manufacturing with the aim of greatly improving basic performance of vehicles and product appeal.
*7 This is a so-called brain group composed mainly of outside experts with the aim of quickly generating value for our R&D seeds.