Corporate Information

Initiatives toward Sustainable Growth

Since our earliest days, we have cultivated the identity of “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D.” These strengths have laid the foundations for business activities and a business model that support the creation of value in the Toyota Boshoku group, enabling us to establish a strong position in the market with our core businesses of Seat, Interior & Exterior and Unit Components.
The business environment is changing drastically, however, with advance of CASE and the need to respond to new MaaS trends. Perceiving these changes as business opportunities, we will tackle new challenges from a fresh perspective that goes beyond a mere extension of past endeavours.
By further refining our identity going forward, we believe we can create significant new value.

Toyota Boshoku group’s identity and business model

Over the years, we have poured our efforts into HITOZUKURI and MONOZUKURI from the customer’s perspective based on the belief that manufacturing forms an integral part of human resources development.
One feature of our products is that users touch them directly. That’s why we always keep people in mind during MONOZUKURI as a way to connect with them and produce items that we know they will feel affection for. Based on MONOZUKURI, we will leverage our advanced R&D to continue providing comfort value.

Toyota Boshoku group’s identity and business model

Spearhead the creation of new value in interior space

The Toyota Boshoku group is strengthening advanced development with the aim of being an Interior Space Creator offering “QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE.”

Interior Space Creator

We aim to deliver high-quality products by realising our desired status of offering “QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE” in all mobility. We also seek to be an Interior Space Creator that can provide new value to interior space in response to MaaS, which includes providing services to customers.

Offering interior spaces for an enjoyable and fun autonomous driving experience

Roadmap to become an Interior Space Creator

Roadmap to become an Interior Space Creator

Toward our desired status for 2030 QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE

Toyota Boshoku will strive to evolve into an Interior Space Creator and provide new value in mobility based on our identity of “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D” and our business model.

1. Reinforce existing technologies in core businesses and accelerate technology development in response to CASE
2. Accelerate the building of cooperations with companies possessing the technology we require
Toward our desired status for 2030 QUALITY OF TIME AND SPACE