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Business Activities That Support Value Creation

Proposing Excellent Mobility with Seat, Interior & Exterior and Unit Components as Our Core Product Businesses

Amid the evolving environment surrounding the automobile industry, Toyota Boshoku will continue to provide even-more comfortable time and space by utilising its strengths, namely “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D.”

“Value Creation” aimed for by the Toyota Boshoku group

The Toyota Boshoku group aims to continuously expand its core businesses to raise profitability and generate economic value. Additionally, we will pursue sustainable growth by leveraging the core technologies cultivated in this process to diversify the value we provide and expand our business fields.
Through these efforts, we aim to create new value that is appropriate for society in the future.

Value Creation in our core businesses

In our core businesses of Seat, Interior & Exterior and Unit Components, we will make consistent responses for each vehicle model in areas ranging from plans and proposals to production and delivery. In doing so, we will also manage a diverse range of vehicle models on a one-vehicle-by-one basis (one project). At the same time, we are also establishing a global manufacturing structure for undertaking in each region functions from planning to production of high-quality products matched to the needs of customers worldwide.

1System for producing value

The Toyota Boshoku group is drawing on its accumulated know-how and cutting-edge technology development and working in tandem with automakers to provide even higher-value products to end users throughout the world. To thoroughly promote an awareness of “B to B to C” and the “Customer First philosophy,” we are working in unison with business partners to globally implement a variety of initiatives for raising quality that include fostering a quality-oriented corporate culture utilising the Global Quality Learning Centre (GQLC).

*1 This involves putting excellent technologies and information on products onto a shelf, which is a database, and applying these to next-generation product development.
*2 Supplier Parts Tracking Team
*3 Supplier Process Improvement Activity

2Project management for core businesses

The Toyota Boshoku group undertakes a wide variety of projects in accordance with the development and production schedules of automakers and vehicle model life. In doing so, we carry out integrated management of projects from planning to production that covers scheduling, costs and profits. Based on this project management for each business, we intend to further solidify our earnings foundation. Also, by internally sharing information on improvements for issues in each project, we aim to further evolve the Identity of Toyota Boshoku of “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D” globally to generate further value.

*4 Sport Utility Vehicle

3Global manufacturing tailored to needs

The Toyota Boshoku group operates sites at 107 companies in 26 countries and regions to undertake development and production matched to the needs of each region. In carrying out MONOZUKURI, we thoroughly implement the Toyota Production System (TPS) globally. As one example of the application of TPS, we utilise our global sites to provide high-quality products matched to the needs of automakers around the world on a Just-in-Time*5 basis. Moreover, to continuously carry out high-quality MONOZUKURI, we are strengthening frontline capabilities by meeting basic plant requirements and carrying out HITOZUKURI.

Global development and manufacturing bases

*5 Producing and transporting only what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount needed

Under our Mid-term Business Plan for Implementation, we are striving to “develop new technologies and new products toward 2030” and promoting “manufacturing innovation toward 2030” to create new value and expand into new businesses leveraging our Identity of “HITOZUKURI,” “MONOZUKURI” and “R&D” that we have accumulated to the present.

Toward an even larger number of customers
Toyota Boshoku will focus on “Looking into the future, we will create tomorrow’s automobile interior space that will inspire our customers the world over.”