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We strive to increase riding comfort through ergonomic design. Our seats are made with comfort and safety in mind, particuarly on long drives. From the Lexus LS to the Toyota Yaris, we develop optimum seats for any class of vehicle.

Toyota Yaris Seats

The current Toyota Yaris seat is the first seat set designed on European soil. The seat is constructed using Toyota Boshoku’s TBK4 frame which offers a thin-profile. While maintaining high quality and safety, this thin frame results in reducing seat weight and offering customers’ increased fuel efficiency.
Production of these seats began in France in July 2012.

Toyota Camry Seats

The luxurious Toyota Camry offers maximum comfort and excellent handling for your driving pleasure. Toyota Boshoku’s thin TBK4 frame results in a lighter weight seat and contributes towards reducing emissions.
Production of the seat started in Russia in November 2011.

Toyota Hilux Seats

The Toyota IMV seats are developed for the African region. Seats are available in 4 different models (B-Cap: front seats only, C-Cap: front and rear seats, D-Cap: front seats and tip-up rear seats, SUV: front seats and 2 rear row seats). Our capability to meet the wide variety of customer needs is highly advantageous in today’s demanding and competitive market.

Toyota Corolla Seats

The Toyota Corolla seat is a global model, produced and distributed worldwide. Production of the seat for Toyota Boshoku Europe is undertaken at our South African and Turkey site. The seat is designed with special attention to ensure a high level of safety.