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Executive Officers

Duties of the Company's Top Management (As of July 4, 2017)

Management Position Name Responsibility
Chairman Takeshi Numa  
President Hirokazu Kameno President
Executive Vice President Michihiko Nakamura NCB Relations & Legal
Executive Vice President Masahiro Fukamoto PE, OMDD, EAMC Manufacturing
Vice President Hirofumi Nakamura Sales & Purchasing
Executive Coordinating Officer Hiroshi Maki R&D, Profit Management
Chief Financial Officer Yasuhi Hori Accounting & Finance
Senior Vice President Susan Cherrington PLC, NCB Business Unit
Vice President Katsuya Imai PE
Vice President Yoshiyuki Kato Quality
Senior Vice President Jean-Luc Hennebicq Quality, HSE, PMR, EAMC Manufacturing
Vice President Hideyuki Asami OMDD