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We as the Toyota Boshoku group believe it is our mission to contribute to society through our cutting-edge technology and high quality Monozukuri (manufacturing). This mission is driven by the spirit of Sakichi Toyoda, founder of the original Toyoda Boshoku Corporation, which was first established in Japan in 1918. In line with the TB Way which defines our code of conduct, we are carrying out activities worldwide.

In Europe and Africa region, with headquarters located in Belgium, we have 10 manufacturing sites in 7 countries (France, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Czech, Turkey and South Africa) where we produce car seats and other interior components, filter and power train parts and exterior component. To strengthen our technology and production capability, each one of us must strive to develop our knowledge and skills in our daily work, always with Kaizen mind – continuous improvement – and remind ourselves when tackling difficult tasks that nothing is impossible!

It is our aim to provide customers with high quality products that guarantee the ultimate in safety and quality, while always continuously creating products from the customers' point of view through ceaseless development and innovation in our Monozukuri. It is our goal to grow as a good trustworthy corporate citizen, meeting customers' expectations at all times whilst carrying out our activities in the European and African region.

Thank you for your support and commitment.