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News Release 2016

Toyota Boshoku China held Annual Tree Planting Activities in Tengger desert

SHANGHAI (China) June 14, 2016 – “Toyota Boshoku Oasis Project 2016”, the annual tree planting activity was organized by Toyota Boshoku (China) Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia’s Tengger desert Eco-Demonstration Region*. Representatives of Toyota Boshoku China and 16 Toyota Boshoku group subsidiaries in China participated in this year’s tree planting. Guangzhou Automobile Group Component Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co., Ltd. were specially invited this year to raise public awareness about anti-desertification and ecological restoration.

The seed of saxoul, a highly viable plant is sowed

“Toyota Boshoku Oasis Project” is an important initiative first launched by Toyota Boshoku China in 2013 in collaboration with China Green Foundation. Thanks to this project in the past 4 years, over 14,000 trees were planted in desert areas by an increasing number of employees who realized the importance of anti-desertification.


Straw checkerboard barriers were established before tree planting

Toyota Boshoku China will continue to make due contributions to a greener China by mounting efforts on anti-desertification and passing on to more stakeholders the value of ecological management and environment protection.

* Founded in 2003 to the west of Helan Mountain, Tengger desert Eco-Demonstration Region has been dedicated to anti-desertification for years. With the goal of building a green barrier to prevent the eastward spread of Tengger desert, scientific approaches have been adopted to gradually reverse the ongoing deterioration of the ecosystem in the region.